Joe Lynn Turner Seeks Legal Action on Brazen Abbot Release

Nikolo Kotzev recently released a CD/DVD combo celebrating twenty years of the Belgian band Brazen Abbot.

The CD portion of the release includes tracks from the bands five albums while the DVD is a 2010 concert film from Plovdiv with Joe Lynn Turner out in front of the band. Turner was one of several singers used on the albums, which also included Glenn Hughes, Thomas Vikstrom, Jorn Lande, Goran Edman, Tony Harnell and Erik Martensson; however, he was normally the main voice of the group when they went on the road.

On Monday, Turner called into question the legitimacy of the release, calling it a "homemade bootleg" by Kotzev. He also stated he was looking into legal action against the release and urged fans not to purchase the album.

Attention to all!I have just been made aware of a “Brazen Abbot” CD/DVD 20 years compilation release. I am very...
Posted by Joe Lynn Turner Official Page on Monday, December 28, 2015
Turner is probably best known for his time with Rainbow but has also participated in a wide variety of other bands and artists including Deep Purple, Fandango, Yngwie Malmsteen and the Hughes Turner Project. He is currently the vocalist for Rated X.

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