The Zombies Release an Official Video For Their Track "Moving On"

Over the last eleven years, the Zombies doubled the number of albums they have put out over the previous 39 years.

During their original run, they only released The Zombies (1965, known as Begin Here in the U.K.) and the classic Odessey and Oracle (1968). Then, in an early 90's reunion, they added New World (1991). Now, since once again becoming The Zombies in 2004, they've put out As Far As I Can See... (2004), Breathe Out, Breathe In (2011) and Still Got That Hunger, which came out on October 9.

The current band, which includes original members Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent along with Tom Toomey and Jim and Steve Rodford, have released a video for the new track Moving On which they recently shot in New York.

Argent told Guitar World about writing the song. "I actually started this song in 1977 when I wrote one couplet upon hearing of Elvis' death. For some reason it has stayed in my mind all these years – although it's no longer about Elvis. When I was writing material for this record, for some reason I couldn't get that couplet out of my mind and I developed the whole song lyrically and musically."

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