Sinead O'Connor Reportedly Safe After Possible Suicide Note on Facebook

Over the last week, Sinead O'Connor's Facebook account has had notes that have become more and more bizarre and alarming.

The worst of the postings, of which there were over ten in the last two days, started with an over 1,500 word statement accusing the "men of my family" of starting a "Kafka style" campaign to separate her from her sons, including one that she says has some metal disorders and needs her care. but "I have no children now. I have no family. No home. No job. But I have a HUGE spirit which wants to live. And a HUGE heart full of love."

More notes quickly followed about her children being stolen from her, the need fro a 24-hour emergency lawyer and the local police deciding "my child is "safe" for the night, in the house which facilitated the sexual abuse which has him tormented!"

The notes ended around noon ET on Sunday with the following possible suicide note:
There is only so much any woman can be expected to bear. What was done to me this week was appalling cruelty. By my husband, my family, by St Pats and by An Gardai Siochana, by my son, Jake and by Donal Lunny and Angela singleton, by my son's girlfriend, his friends... after everything I've been put through and been forced to go through alone .. And punished for having to go through since I had the surgery on August 26th. Or since Shane became unwell in March, This week has broken me. The withholding of my babies from me without any sound reason by their fathers, Frank and Donal, and by Jake and the rest of my family, is a horrific set of betrayals. And has been going on since I had my surgery. The last two nights finished me off. I have taken an overdose. There is no other way to get respect. I am not at home, I'm at a hotel, somewhere in ireland, under another name

If I wasn't posting this, my kids and family wouldn't even find out. Was dead for another fortnight since none of them bother their hole with me for a minute. I could have been dead here for weeks already and they'd never have known. Because apparently I'm scum and deserve to be abandoned and treated like shit just when I've had my womb and ovaries chopped out and my child is frighteningly sick. I'm such a rotten horrible mother and Person, that I've been alone. Howling crying for weeks. And been told by them all t go fuck myself. I'm invisible. I don't matter a shred to anyone. No one has come near me. I've died a million times already with the pain of it. So yeah.. Strangers like me.. But my family don't value me at all. They wouldn't know if I was dead until weeks from now if I wasn't fucking informing them now.

well done guys, you've finally got rid of me. Sorry the penny didn't drop sooner. I'm an idiot. When you planned to get me away from my babies did you plan for me losing my mind over it? It being the final straw? For how you're gonna explain why I died? Make sure you tell the truth. BARRY.. THEY WONT. YOURE THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS ME OR THE TRUTH. PLEASE STAND FOR ME AND TELL IT. i can't play twister. My children don't care if I live r die anyway. Neither do their dads. Everyone is better off. Never ever do this to a woman again. Let this be your lesson. I survived it when John waters did it.. I can't survive Jake doing it.
Billboard and the Irish site Breaking News is now reporting that O'Connor has been found and is "safe and sound" and is receiving medical assistance.

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