Neil Finn and Paul Kelly Releasing Double Live Album

Two of New Zealand and Australia’s best-selling and most revered singer-songwriters, Neil Finn and Paul Kelly, toured Australia together in 2013. Their performance at the Sydney Opera House was recorded and released as Goin’ Your Way later that year to acclaim, reaching the Top 5 on the charts and being certified gold. Unfortunately, it was only available as a high-priced import outside of Australia and New Zealand.

Omnivore Recordings will share this incredible document with the rest of the world on December 11, 2015.

Goin’ Your Way contains 29 tracks on two CDs, including staples like Kelly’s To Her Door and Before Too Long and Finn’s She Will Have Her Way and Sinner. The duo also dips back into the canon of hits from Finn’s previous bands and collaborations: Split Enz’ One Step Ahead and Message to My Girl, the Finn Brothers’ Won’t Give In, and Better Be Home Soon, Four Seasons in One Day and Don’t Dream It’s Over from Crowded House, among many more.

Kelly says, “I loved digging into Neil’s songs. A watch ticks and seems so easy but you peer into the mechanism and it’s a whole other world. It’s like that with his songs. I learned some new chords. And that heaven’s built on grit. I loved playing with him and his son Liam and my nephew Dan and our adopted sister Zoe on bass. It was easy, it was generous, always surprising.”

Finn adds: “It’s a rare pleasure to learn the songs of another songwriter who you admire and to discover the way they work, deceptively simple on the outside but intricate, intimate and considered all the way through. Paul Kelly is great songwriter in every sense of the term. It was a golden summer where we became a band and took it to the good people around Australia. On our own we have some history that’s for sure but together we were inspired and motivated to make these songs sound fresh and reinvented every night.”

Featuring beautiful, full-color art, and also available digitally, Goin’ Your Way contains more than 30 years of classic songs, performed live with a full band (including Kelly’s nephew, Dan, on guitar, Finn’s son, Elroy, on drums, and Zoe Hauptmann on bass) to an adoring crowd. The people in attendance knew the concert was special. Now, it’s the world’s turn to easily experience the magic of Neil Finn, Paul Kelly and Goin’ Your Way.

Track Listing:

Disc 1
  • Don’t Stand so Close to the Window
  • Four Seasons in One Day
  • Before Too Long

  • She Will Have Her Way

  • Not the Girl You Think You Are
  • For the Ages
  • Sinner

  • Won’t Give In
  • Careless
  • Leaps and Bounds
  • Only Talking Sense
  • New Found Year
  • Into Temptation
  • You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed
  • Private Universe
Disc 2
  • Dumb Things

  • One Step Ahead

  • Deeper Water

  • Better Be Home Soon
  • How to Make Gravy
  • Distant Sun
  • Winter Coat

  • Fall at Your Feet

  • To Her Door
  • Don’t Dream It’s Over
  • Message to My Girl
  • Love Is the Law

  • Words of Love
  • Moon River

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