3,000 People (So Far) Have Signed a Petition to Stop Phil Collins From Coming Out of Retirement

Some people just aren't happy about Phil Collins coming out of retirement.

Earlier this week, Collins announced that he was going to start playing again after a number of years off to raise his sons and to get treatment for nerve problems affecting his hands.

That isn't sitting well with Brian Pee of City of Dreams, United Kingdom (no, there is no City of Dreams but, evidently, Brian doesn't want Phil fans knowing where he lives).

Pee has started a petition on Change.org titled "Phil Collins must be stopped" which is listed as a petition to the United Nations. So far, over 3,000 people have signed the petition which reads simply:
Phil Collins has announced he is 'no longer in retirement'.

There is far too much suffering in the world as it is.
This must be stopped.
Brian updated the petition on Friday with the message:
Be vigilant !

The forces of Phil have started a counter petition, but we must not let this shake our confidence.

Good is on our side, and we will overcome.

I have contacted this petition and offered to meet (with Phil) and discuss a settlement.

The terms I have offered are that Phil may make his tour, book his stadiums, sell his tickets, but must not sing, no one may sing his songs, and his music must never be performed.

As yet I have received no reply.

Stay strong comrades.

Phil No Pasaran !
Those "forces of Phil" evidently are not seeing the humor in Pee's posting. They have taken to the petition site with such comments as "The UK Public think this is perverted" and "Phill got more tallent in his left toe, than you will ever have in youre whole body [sic]"

Anyone so inclined to sign the petition or defend Phil can see the petition here.

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