U.K. Subs to Record a Final, Alphabetically Named, Album

The British punk band U.K. Subs are about to record their 26th and final alphabetically named album.

Formed in 1976, the band has released 25 studio albums to date, one for each letter of the alphabet starting with 1979's Another Kind of Blues through their latest, 2015's Yellow Leader. The final album will, obviously, start with the letter Z.

The one constant over the years with the band has been vocalist Charlie Harper while the rest of the band has included no less than 75 musicians.

The album will be funded through a Pledge Music campaign starting on November 1 and, although it is the band's final full LP, it may not be the last that they put out. In a statement, current members Harper, Alvin Gibbs and Jamie Oliver said that there could be EP's yet to be released:
This new record will fulfil and complete that tradition by utilising a title that will begin with the letter Z. It is, to our knowledge, the first time any band has succeeded in this, and in recognition of its significance we have decided that no other Subs album will be forthcoming after this concluding LP.

We may yet record an occasional single or EP in the future, but the Z album will be the very last long playing record from the band.
The U.K. Subs' studio albums:
  • Another Kind of Blues (1979 / #21 U.K.)
  • Brand New Age (1980 / #18 U.K.)
  • Crash Course (1980)
  • Diminished Responsibility (1981 / #18 U.K.)
  • Endangered Species (1982)
  • Flood of Lies (1983)
  • Gross Out USA (1984)
  • Huntington Beach (1985)
  • Japan Today (1987)
  • Killing Time (1988)
  • Mad Cow Fever (1991)
  • Normal Service Resumed (1993)
  • Occupied (1996)
  • Quintessentials (1997)
  • Riot (1997)
  • Universal (2002)
  • Violent State (2005)
  • Work In Progress (2011)
  • XXIV (6 February 2013)
  • Yellow Leader (2015)

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