Review & Set List: Robbie Williams @ Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Robbie Williams is simply the good time to be had by all.

In September 2014 Australia was treated to ‘The Swing’ tour. It was Robbie Bublé that time. This time it was back to Robbie Williams, pop star.

No-one pops quite like Robbie. He is irreverent, naughty, smutty, fun and damn entertaining. Right at the very start before he even walks on stage the classical Carmina Burana is playing to the chant ‘Robbie, Robbie O Robbie’ instead of ‘O Fortuna’. Subtle!

As the first notes to Let Me Entertain You begin the two hour ride begins and never slows down.

There is cheeky British comedy (even the Benny Hill theme gets a blast). Robbie’s dad Pete Williams joins him for Better Man and is back at the end for Angels.

Another funny moment is Hot Fudge with an audience member joining Robbie for some hilarious bedside graphics.

Then there are the covers, some obvious like We Will Rock You and I Love Rock N Roll, some more understated like Royals and Whole Lotta Love. Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody was full on, with Robbie singing along to the original Queen video.

Melbourne duo Tim and Flinn were there for Motherfucker and opening act Lawson rejoined Robbie for his old Take That number Back For Good.

So few artists today are real entertainers. Robbie Williams is a rare and gigantic star.

Robbie Williams set list Melbourne:

Main Set
  • Intro and Carmina Burana
  • Let Me Entertain You (from Life Thru A Lens, 1997)
  • Rock DJ (from Sing When You’re Winning, 2000)
  • Monsoon (from Escapology, 2002)
  • Come Undone (from Escapology, 2002)
  • Me & My Monkey (from Escapology, 2002)
  • Road To Mandalay (Sing When You’re Winning, 2000)
  • Back For Good (with Lawson) (from Take That's Nobody Else, 1995)
  • Motherfucker (with Tim and Flinn)
  • Better Man (with Pete Williams) (from Sing When You’re Winning, 2000)
  • Supreme (from Sing When You’re Winning, 2000)
  • We Will Rock You I Love Rock N Roll (Queen / Joan Jett covers)
  • Hot Fudge (from Escapology, 2002)
  • Feel (from Escapology, 2002)
  • Royals / Millennium / Hey Jude (from I’ve Been Expecting You, 1998 / Lorde / The Beatles covers)
  • Whole Lotta Love / Kids (Led Zeppelin cover / from Sing When You’re Winning, 2000)
First Encore
  • Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen cover)
  • She’s The One (from I’ve Been Expecting You, 1998)
  • Angels (from Life Thru A Lens, 1997)
Second Encore
  • My Way (Paul Anka cover)

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