Resurrection Kings Include Vinny Appice, Craig Goldy, Chas West and Sean McNabb

The word supergroup has kind of lost its meaning over the years so let's just call this what it is...four great musicians coming together in a world class group.

The Resurrection Kings brings together Vinny Appice (Dio, Black Sabath, Heaven & Hell), Craig Goldy (Dio, David Lee Roth), Chas West (Lynch Mob) and Sean McNabb (Quiet Riot, Great White, Dokken) for a hard rocking new band.

The seeds of the group were planted five years ago by request of Frontiers Records who contacted Goldy to see if he could form a band made up of 80's veterans. Goldy, in turn, contacted West after the two had played in the cover band the Hollywood All-Stars with the two agreeing to sit down and write together. Eventually, Goldy brought in his ex-Dio bandmate Appice and McNabb and the Resurrection Kings were born.

Their self-titled debut album is scheduled for January 29. In the meantime, here is an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) on the new album.

The track list:
  • Distant Prayer
  • Livin' Out Loud
  • Wash Away
  • Who Did You Run To
  • Fallin' For You
  • Never Say Goodbye
  • Path of Love
  • Had Enough
  • Don't Have to Fight No More
  • Silent Wonder
  • What You Take

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