Exclusive North American Premier: "Runaway" - The New Single From Engelbert Humperdinck

Engelbert Humperdinck’s brand new song Runaway is here and exclusive to VVN Music.

Runaway is the lead track from Engelbert’s upcoming country album Runaway Country, a return to his country roots.

“As you know, country music has always been a massive part of my musical life and I wanted to pay tribute to some of the classic songs that have influenced me during my journey,” Engelbert said earlier this week. “I hope that you will all support this premiere release Runaway Country on my label Spin Records. I am excited to be performing some of these songs at my upcoming concerts and look forward to seeing you along the Humpy Trail”.

The first single is Runaway. Listen here for the exclusive world premiere of the song at VVN Music.

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