BMG Executives Defend Sales of Janet Jackson's "Unbreakable"

The music press, VVN Music included, has been rather critical of the sales for Janet Jackson's new album Unbreakable but BMG executives are thrilled with the album's performance.

Unbreakable debuted at number 1 a little over two weeks ago, giving Jackson her seventh chart topper but, in the subsequent weeks, the album has fallen to number 8 and now 14. The drop on the charts was accompanied by an above average reduction in sales each week that appears to be trending towards the type of short-lived popularity that has been the hallmark of a number of other vintage artists including Mariah Carey.

BMG Executive VP of Recorded Music, Jon Cohen, has found it necessary to defend Jackson's sales, saying that the company is very happy with the numbers:
We always believed that if Janet and Rhythm Nation became a part of the BMG family, it would take BMG to the next level, and be a great success both financially and creatively. We could not be more pleased with the success of Unbreakable, especially with the album becoming Janet's seventh No. 1 record, and the initial song No Sleeep spending eight weeks at the No. 1 position on the Adult R&B chart. It is our first No. 1 in the US... [which is] the definition of having the ability to play with the big boys.
The future for Unbreakable is still unknown; however, numbers are not looking promising for week four. Hits Daily Double's sales tracking chart, which is currently 78% complete for the week, shows Jackson's album with projected sales of just 2,248 so far this week and at number 36 for the week. The album will get some boost with streaming is added into the figures but don't be surprised if the album ends up in the low 20's or high 30's when the final chart comes out next Tuesday.

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