Watch: David Cassidy's Disasterous British TV Interview

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

David Cassidy appeared on British television this week in one of the most embarrassingly awkward interviews he has ever done.

The former star of The Partridge Family was being interviewed by Eamonn Holmes for ITV’s This Morning and appeared via a video link from his home in Florida.

The 65-year old singer was agitated and became aggressive when asked about his divorce and bankruptcy. Cassidy replied to a question about his bankruptcy “are you trying to rubbish me?”

Cassidy was slow, slurring and may have been drunk during the interview that started badly and then got worse. Later in the show, Holmes downed a glass of red wine and said “David Cassidy, here’s to you”.

David Cassidy said he was having trouble understanding the interviewers and complained about the delay in the international hook-up. He told the audience that he had no plans to return to the UK because last time he toured England he only made $630.

However he did say he was recording a Christmas EP.

Watch the interview:

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Mickstah54 said...

There's no doubt that Cassidy has fried himself, but beyond what the man has become, physically, as a result of his known problem with alcohol, I did not think he slurred, or conducted himself poorly in light of the way he was treated by the people interviewing him on the show. It was plain that their angle was to focus on his misfortunes, and I don't think anyone would stand for being treated the way he was. The only reason he was on the show was because of his fame, from the past, and more recently, but that's no reason to have to sit there while someone tries to make their buck off your problems. I say right on David, and shame on you VVN Music for hawking this interview as a freak show yourselves, when the man was simply trying to stand up for himself, such as he is at this point in his life.

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