Richard Fortus of Guns N' Roses Hurt in Motorcycle Accident; Temporarily Replaced in Dead Daisies

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Guitarist Richard Fortus was unable to travel to Australia this week for the upcoming dates with The Dead Daisies due to motorcycle accident. Dave Leslie of The Baby Animals has stepped in to take his place.

"I was involved in a motorcycle accident recently and as a result, I not be able to make the tour," Richard said in a statement. "The doctors say I will make a full recovery. I’m devastated that I will not be able to play to the Australian and New Zealand fans, who have been so supportive and loyal. Thank to everyone for their well-wishes."

Dave Leslie started brushing up on the Dead Daisies set list on the weekend. "Richard Fortus is an amazing guitar player and I’m really thrilled to be asked to cover for him," Dave said. "I am going to have to pack an extra bag of socks, because his are extremely big shoes to fill!"-

The Dead Daisies released their second album, Revolucion, in Australia last week.


Rasal Khan said...

Its awesome

Jesus K. Beavers said...

When you are out and about, you are constantly indeterminate whether you can get back home protected and sound considering that it is not just you who is in the city. There are different drivers who are additionally occupied with their own business, some may not be in a rush to touch base at their destinations, while there are the individuals who are making a decent attempt to beat the time. At the point when this happens, they might coincidentally hit you while you are riding on your bike.

John Smith said...

Motor bikes are all around, and when you're driving an auto they can wind up in your blind side. Now and then you simply don't see them, either. Perhaps the sun was in your eyes or you were looking the other way.

Bradley Miller said...

Hey Paul Cashmere,
This is a very pathetic matter you have shared here. It is good news that still you are OK. But motorcycle accident is always dangerous. So, I think everybody should be very careful about this. Especially helmet is must to save lives. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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