Gurf Morlix Gets An Offer He Has to Refuse From "American Idol"

Maybe Gurf Morlix' name sounds like some young punk rocker. Maybe someone at American Idol needs to take remedial math.

Somehow, the multi-instrumentalist received the following note from the people at Idol:
Hi Gurf

Thought you might be interested in this:

We are in the final week of casting for our final VIP audition for the final season of American Idol!


We are looking for singers and artists of all styles, male and female, ages 15 to 28. These VIP auditions are for 'industry and personal referrals' only, NOT for the general public!

Here's how you can audition:

1. Please shoot a 90 sec video clip of yourself
singing an acapella or acoustic (guitar or piano
accompany only), mid to up tempo current cover

2. Upload it to YouTube and mark unlisted. DO NOT
send any downloads!!!

3. For details on where to submit, visit:…/please-refer-amazing…


Please follow the instructions above.

Good Luck,
Here's the problem. Morlix was born in 1951, not in 1991. As a matter of fact, he has been a professional musician longer than the 28 year cutoff in age for AI's contestants.

What's even more surprising is, who knew that American Idol scoured the professional music industry for contestants? It's probably a good thing this is the last season of the show now that word is out that they personally invite people that they think would be good participants.

Maybe, sometimes, they even are the right age.

Morlix was born in Buffalo, NY but moved to Texas in 1975 where he pursued music professionally. He was part of Lucinda Williams' band for eleven years from 1985 to 1996 and has played on albums by Ray Wylie Hubbard, Slaid Cleaves, Mary Gauthier, Robert Earl Keen, Ian McLagan, Peter Case and many others. Since 2000, he has also released nine solo albums.

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