Foo Fighters to Release "Songs From the Laundry Room" 4-Song EP

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

The Foo Fighters are planning on releasing their rare Songs From The Laundry Room EP as a mainstream release.

Songs From The Laundry Room is a four track EP originally released as a 10-inch vinyl for Record Store Day this year.

The EP featuring Foo Fighters cover of Kim Wilde’s Kids In America as well as the previously unreleased Empty Handed.

Alone + Easy Target was recorded as a demo by Grohl and originally pitched to Nirvana. Nirvana would jam on the song during soundchecks for the 1991 European tour. Grohl re-recorded the song in 1995 for the first Foo Fighters album.

Big Me was eventually released as a Foo Fighters song and was the fourth single from the debut album. Grohl wrote it when he was a member of Nirvana and, like Alone + Easy Target. had played it to Kurt Cobain

The tracks on Songs From The Laundry Room are:

  • Alone + Easy Target (recorded February 18, 1991)
  • Big Me (recorded March 1994)
  • Kids In America (recorded on February 16, 1991)
  • Empty Handed (recorded in 1992)

All songs except Kids In America were written by Dave Grohl.

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