Engelbert Humperdinck Starts Label With His Son

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Engelbert Humperdinck and his son and manager Scott Dorsey have started the new record label Spin Records.

The first release for the label will be Engelbert’s new country album and it now has a title. “We are so excited about our first release Engelbert Runaway Country in the very near future plus some other great product to follow,” Scott Dorsey tells Noise11.com.

Spin Records will not be exclusive to Engelbert releases. Scott says they label will be in full A&R mode and other acts will be signed. “Of course our initial main focus is on EH material but we are thrilled to have signed some more great talent to be released before Christmas,” he said.

The creation of Spin Records came from the audience shift to purchase music online. “As the majority of physical sales happen online it seemed like a natural progression to open our own label to service the online demand,” he said.

Spin Records is now being shopped to a major distributor. “We are in talks with a major label who is interested in partnering with us and the label,” Scott Dorsey said exclusively to Noise11.com.

Australian fans will be the first to hear songs from the new album. Engelbert is planning on performing maybe three songs from the album including the brand new original song Runaway on his upcoming Australian tour.

Engelbert Humperdinck will tour Australia in October and November for Bluehawk Presents.

Engelbert Humperdinck dates:
  • 10/25 - Perth - Crown Theatre
  • 10/29 - Melbourne - Palais Theatre
  • 10/30 - Sydney - The State Theatre
  • 11/02 - Gold Coast - Jupiters Hotel & Casino

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