Prince on His Upcoming Experimental Record

by Newsdesk

Prince is intent on setting a "precedent" with his new album. The 57-year-old music legend will be releasing LP HitnRun in September.

Prince worked on his new music with producer-mixer-engineer Joshua Welton and the Purple Rain superstar is pleased with the super fresh sounds.

"When you hear something you like that you can't find a precedent for, that's what you want more of," he told Entertainment Weekly. "That's what gets me excited."

HitnRun will sell exclusively on Jay Z's streaming service Tidal starting September 7 and fans can purchase a physical CD copy of the offering beginning September 15. Prince has shown his allegiance to Tidal already this year, when he removed all his music from other streaming sites except Jay Z's company and Google Play.

The pop icon claims he will only work with services that respect artistic freedom and compensate fairly. "Jay allowed us pick the artwork, the design of the page, the related-content features," Prince detailed. "Why shouldn't you be allowed to do that when it's your music, your creation?"

Prince's HitnRun co-producer Joshua, 25, is elated for fans to hear songs on the LP. He is convinced listeners will be blown away by how innovative the sounds are.

"I would say it's an experimental Prince record for fans who just don't care about him sounding like a certain thing," Joshua noted. "I know he has different types of fan bases and this is kind of for the [hardcore] Purple Collective, the ones who say 'I don't care what he puts out! I love Prince.' And because he's such a creative, it gives him that freedom to say, 'I just want to make music like this today."

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