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Petition Started to Allow Felder, Leadon and Meisner to Be Honored With the Eagles at Kennedy Center

A petition has been started on to ask the Kennedy Center to allow Don Felder, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner to be recognized at the Kennedy Center Honors for the Eagles.

The band was recently selected for the prestigious honor which will include a major cultural event in December where current members Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmidt will watch a number of stars sing and speak about their career.

Brandon Butler of Hornell, NY didn't feel this was right, considering the contributions that Felder, Leadon and Meisner made to the history of the group, and he started the petition to try and convince the Kennedy Center that they were making a major error:
The former members of the band have helped make contributions to American Culture by means of their guitar and bass playing. Several songs are well known based upon the vocals, and the guitar and bass playing of Felder, Leadon, and Meisner including "Witchy Woman", "Hotel California", "One Of These Nights", "Take It To the Limit" among many others. Not only do the current members deserve to be honored for their contributions to the band that we all come to know and love, it is fitting and appropriate that the former members of the group deserve the same honor, no matter the bitterness. differences, or angst that the current members have against them. Please consider allowing them to be honored.
So far, 2,000 have signed the petition which only has an initial goal of 2,500, including Randy Meisner's former wife, Jennifer, who said:
I was married to Randy from 1963 until 1981, he was an integral part of the formation of the group along with founding member Bernie Leadon , then came Don Felder ....the original eagles are responsible for the most recognised and played sings of the band's career. [sic]
The Eagles formed as Linda Ronstadt's backing band when she was touring in 1971 behind the album Silk Purse. Her manager recruited Glenn Frey and Don Henley while Randy Meisner of Rick Nelson's band and Bernie Leadon of the Flying Burrito Brothers joined soon after. Felder joined in 1974, Walsh in 1975 and Schmidt in 1977.

Relations with the three ex-members have been strained over the years. Leadon left in 1975 after the release of One of These Nights, not happy with the direction the band was taking with their sound. He has performed at some shows over the last two years as a guest.

Meissner left after the band's Hotel California tour due to his and Frey's arguing over their set list. Meisner had been ill during the near year-long trek and was refusing to sing Take It To the Limit because his voice was limited while Frey kept demanding that he do the song.

Felder was with the group until 2001 when he was fired, although animosity had been building for years. Felder sued the band for wrongful termination. The suit was settled out of court.

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Anonymous said…
Ronstadt pulled the four together not her manager, John Boylan. Bernie Leadon had already played with Linda during and before the Burritos. Don Henley was playing in Shilo and already hanging around her and emulating her sound at the Troubadour. Glen lived with her boyfriend JD Souther and also swarmed around her. Meisner was suggested by Boylan. But it is Ronstadt that gave her two sidemen, Frey and Henley, the wings to fly, encouragement and suggested they all play for her, work on their songs until they secured a record deal. Pretty well known and kind of sexist to suggest otherwise. Yes, they should all be there.
Anonymous said…
Yes I agree that the three former members should be included. Randy Meisner's high tenor vocals are intrinsic to the sound of the first 5 albums (There have only been 2 further albums and 4 new songs on 'Hell Freezes Over') His lead vocal performances on all 5 albums are exquisite and stand the test of time.
Bernie's multi-instrumental genious is also all over the first 4 albums and I feel he should have had more opportunities to sing lead.
Don Felder was/is more of an instrumentalist than a singer but while involved, and since, he is one of the most technically brilliant guitarists in the world.
The albums involving all three former members are still the best and biggest sellers and nothing produced by the eagles since has matched the quality of the first 5 albums. Its the songs off of these albums are the ones all the fans want to hear. Will be interesting to see if Bernie Leadon, who is now a temporary member of the band again will be included if this petition does not succeed!

Its an open and shut case - THE THREE EX MEMBERS SHOULD BE AWARDED TOO! Anything else would be a betrayal and a travisty.
Nusic said…
Meisner and Leadon have a chance. Henley and Frey won't set foot in the same building as Felder. Very sad