Passings: Songwriter Perry "Buddy" Buie, Had Hits With the Classics IV, Atlanta Rhythm Section (1941 - 2015)

Perry "Buddy" Buie, who was the main songwriter of the hits of the Classics IV and the Atlanta Rhythm Section, died on Saturday in an Dothan, Alabama hospital after suffering a heart attack. He was 74.

Throughout his career, Buie had 340 songs published according to BMI with a number hitting the top of the charts. He also worked as a producer and a manager during his career.

Buie was born in Dothan but eventually moved to New York and then Atlanta where he would stay for most of his career. He had his first hit on the charts when Tommy Roe recorded his Party Girl in 1964. It would be three more years before he would have another hit and this one would be much bigger with Sandy Posey taking I Take It Back to number 12.

That same year, he started writing with James Cobb, the guitarist for the Classics IV. Not only would Buie and Cobb write the group's hits, but Buddy would also produce and manage the band. Buie and Cobb's songs for the band included Stormy, Traces and Everyday With You Girl along with numerous albums cuts and minor hits.

Buie's next hit would be B.J. Thomas' Mighty Clouds of Joy in 1971 which he wrote with Robert Nix. That same year, Buddy, Cobb and Classics IV drummer Robert Nix would join with former members of the Candymen to form the Atlanta Rhythm Section. Once again, Buie not only wrote for the group but was also their producer and manager. Among the songs that Buie and co-writers composed for ARS were Doraville, So Into You, Imaginary Lover, I'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight, Champagne Jam and Do It Or Die. 

In 1978, Buie and Arnie Geller formed the Buie/Geller Organization and BGO Records in Doraville, GA. Buie and Cobb continued to write together. Their last major hit came in 1994 when Wynonna Judd took their Rock Bottom to number 2 on the country charts.

In 2003, Buddy retired to Eufaula, AL.

The Atlanta Rhythm Section's Facebook page carried the following message:
Buddy Buie passed away today…..for those of you that don’t know, Buddy was the force that produced, wrote for, managed, and led the way for us to become The Atlanta Rhythm Section.

No Buddy….no ARS

Just last week Buddy shared his enthusiasm, and support, for the band, saying he wanted to come hear the new songs we added to the show.

We will miss Buddy’s contributions, musically, professionally, and most of all personally.

The guys…..
The top twenty hits of Buddy Buie:
  • I Take it Back - Sandy Posey (1967 / #12 Pop)
  • Stormy - Classics IV (1968 / #5 Pop / #26 Adult Contemporary (AC))
  • Traces - Classics IV (1969 / #2 Pop / #2 AC)
  • Everyday With You Girl - Classics IV (1969 / #19 Pop / #12 AC)
  • Traces / Memories Medley - Lettermen (1969 / #47 Pop / #3 AC)
  • The Funniest Thing - Classics IV (1970 / #59 Pop / #11 AC)
  • Where Did All the Good Times Go - Classics IV (1970 / #69 Pop / #14 AC)
  • Mighty Clouds of Joy - B.J. Thomas (1971 / #34 Pop / #8 AC)
  • What Am I Crying For? - Classics IV (1972 / #39 Pop / #7 AC)
  • Save the Sunlight - Lani Hall (1974 / #13 AC)
  • So Into You - Atlanta Rhythm Section (1977 / #7 Pop / #11 AC / #93 R&B)
  • Imaginary Lover - Atlanta Rhythm Section (1978 / #7 Pop / #20 AC)
  • I'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight - Atlanta Rhythm Section(1978 / #14 Pop / #43 AC)
  • Stormy - Santana (1979 / #32 Pop / #19 AC)
  • Do It Or Die - Atlanta Rhythm Section (1979 / #19 Pop / #11 AC / #92 Country)
  • Alien - Atlanta Rhythm Section (1981 / #29 Pop / #16 AC / #18 Rock)
  • Rock Bottom - Wynonna Judd (1994 / #2 Country)

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