Phil Rudd's Sentencing Pushed Back Two Weeks; Will NOT Play With Band When They Tour New Zealand

The sentencing of AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has been pushed off a few weeks.

Rudd was due to be sentenced on June 26 on charges of threatening to kill, possession of methamphetamine and possession of cannabis; however, the date has been moved to July 9.

According to SunMedia, shortly after the launch of his first solo album on August 29, 2014, Rudd when on a rampage, firing employees of his restaurant, Phil's Place. Although the reason for the firings was not made public, the drummer allegedly made a call to a friend in Australia telling him he wanted him to "take out" a specific person. He later offered the man $200,000, a motorcycle and his car or house.

On September 26, Rudd called the prospective victim telling him he was going to kill him. Slightly over a month later, after a police investigation, officers raided Rudd's home and found just under a half gram of methamphetamine and 91 grams of cannabis.

Rudd faces jail time on the charges; however, if he somehow escapes a prison sentence, he won't be playing with AC/DC, even when they play his home country of New Zealand.

Rudd was not allowed to leave the country while under investigation and for the band's tour so they brought in Chris Slade, who had played with AC/DC during another time when Rudd was absent.

Gary Van Egmond, manager for the group, recently confirmed to the Bay of Plenty Times that Rudd would not be behind the drumkit even when AC/DC hits New Zealand's shores.

"Chris Slade will be on drums - he replaced Phil when he left the band some years back and he has been playing in the Rock or Bust tour worldwide."

Egmond would not go as far as to say that Rudd was no longer a member, saying there was "no confirmation that Phil has left the band permanently. All I can say is that Phill will not be playing in the New Zealand concerts."

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