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INXS' Kirk Pengilly Treated For Cancer

INXS guitarist Kirk Pengilly recent underwent surgery for aggressive prostate cancer.

In an interview with Sydney's Daily Telegraph, Pengilly said that their were indications of trouble as far back as 2012 when a standard PSA blood test showed slightly elevated levels. He regularly had the level rechecked until Christmas 2014 when the results showed a sharply higher number.

Pengilly received word of the change via an e-mail, a rather unorthodox method of communication for an urgent situation. Kirk would replace his specialist before undergoing surgery to remove the prostate which was done via robot.

The surgery was so successful, with tests showing the cancer hadn't spread, that Pengilly didn't have to undergo any chemotherapy or radiation. He still has about 12 to 18 months of therapy ahead to regain all function.

Pengilly has been a member of INXS, including earlier bands Guinness and the Farris Brothers, since 1971. Originally a lead singer, he moved to the background when Michael Hutchence was brought into the band. Along with guitar, he is also the saxophonist along with doing much of the publicity and keeping a detailed history of the band.