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Passings: Lenny Cocco of the Chimes

Lenny Cocco, lead singer for the group The Chimes, died on Thursday. Although no details have been released, there was a tribute written on the Facebook page of John Martelli:
So Sad my friend Lenny Cocco has passed. Lenny is a great talent, and a great man. His musical contribution to this world will endure therefore he lives for ever.
Cocco started the doo wop group the Capris in 1957 Brooklyn but renamed them The Chimes after realizing there was already a Capris from nearby Rockaway Beach.

Influenced by his father's advice, the group decided to concentrate on standards including the old Tommy Dorsey hit Once in Awhile. After a few years of performing locally, the group finally entered the studio in 1960 and soon found themselves signed to TAG Records. Their first single, the Dorsey song, went to number 11 nationally and the follow up, I'm In the Mood For Love, went to number 38.

They continued recording standards including Let's Fall in Love, with the occasional original such as Paradise, which Cocco wrote, but they never hit the charts again. They were popular enough regionally, though, to be signed to Metro Records where they released Who's Heart Are You Breaking Now.

In 1963, tragedy struck the group when bass singer Pat McGuire was killed by a drunk driver. Cocco made the decision that, from that point on, the group would perform only as a quartet without a bass singer in honor of McGuire.

They once again changed labels in late 1963 to Laurie and, the next year, to Vee-Jay but their loss and the changing music industry was too much and the group broke up.

Cocco has resurrected the Chimes a number of times over the years and was still performing with them up through this past February.


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Lenny Cocco was an Icon in NY and was one of the most loving people I know. In our business of music there is always envy for each other. Lenny was always there to let you know he cared. The love Lenny gave to people was what kept him going.My love goes out to his family and I know Lenny will be watching everyone. God loves Lenny and he always loved God.Loved you my friend. Leo The Cavaliers
Anonymous said…
My sincere condolences to the FAM.of Lenny Cocco.A True Legend in his time.The songs,the music,the memories he gave us shall forever Live. RIP 🎵
Sun Dry said…
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