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Paul Weller's Solo Career Documented in Photo Book

by Newsdesk

Paul Weller's new book, Into Tomorrow, offers a pictorial record of his solo years from 1992 onward. It is scheduled for publication in April.

Captioned with his handwritten text, Weller has selected over 800 photos taken by friend and photographer, Lawrence Watson. Nearly 300 pages will be published in a leather-bound volume, with previously unheard live recordings on an accompanying 10" vinyl disc. Housed in an acrylic slipcase, each numbered book will be signed by Paul Weller and Lawrence Watson. Only 2,000 copies will be made available worldwide through

PAUL WELLER: "When I look back to the early shots from 1992, I was starting to write and play (and, importantly, want to play) again. I'd been 'away' for a while and didn't know what, if anything, to expect..."

Into Tomorrow is Paul Weller's visual chronicle of his 22-year solo career. Annotated with his own text captions, Weller is retracing his steps in 800 mostly unseen images, now being shared by photographer Lawrence Watson.

PAUL WELLER: "So many memories come back. Some of the pictures make me mourn the passing of time. Some of the times I couldn't wait to get away from. Lawrence has been there to document most of them. He is part of our crew."

Paul Weller and Lawrence Watson are signing each of the 2,000 numbered copies in the limited edition Into Tomorrow book and vinyl set.

LAWRENCE WATSON: "Paul's always very involved in choosing pictures; he's got a great eye."

Paul Weller has reviewed thousands of prints to decide the photographs that make up Into Tomorrow. His recording sessions are seen from an insider's perspective, at work on albums such as Wild Wood. Shoots have produced album covers such as Modern Classics 1 and 2, As Is Now and Studio 150. Videos shot by Watson have included The Changingman and Out of the Sinking. Weller and Watson are now revealing the outtakes for Into Tomorrow.

PAUL WELLER: "Lawrence is always thinking ahead, looking for a backdrop or a certain light, looking for ideas."

Weller introduces INTO TOMORROW and provides a narrative commentary throughout. In commenting on more than 20 years of photographs, he revisits his entire solo career for the first time. Lawrence Watson tells the story from behind the camera, adding recollections of gigs, recording sessions and tours, from London to San Francisco, to Tokyo and back.

PAUL WELLER: "Much water has flowed, up and down."

Into Tomorrow is Weller's second limited edition with Genesis Publications. The sold-out
A Thousand Things spanned The Jam and The Style Council while Into Tomorrow is a detailed view of his solo career.

Weller and Watson's working relationship began in 1988. Weller was impressed with Watson's photography used for the Confessions of a Pop Group album cover. Since the Style Council, Paul Weller has released 11 studio albums, five live albums, 39 singles and three EPs, nearly all of which feature Watson's photography.