Billboard's Top Ten Girl Group's of All-Time

Billboard has been saluting the greatest girl groups and their music all this week, capping it off with the ten biggest of all-time.

While many would insist that Destiny's Child must top the list, they are, in fact, only number 3. Of course, those who know the history of popular music and the charts over the last sixty years would realize that the biggest girl group could be none other than the Supremes.

Over the course of six years, the group had nineteen top ten hits including twelve that went to number 1. By comparison, second place TLC had nine top ten hits with four number 1's and third place Destiny's Child had ten top ten's and four number 1's.

Ranking was done using a reverse point system (number 1 =  100, number 100 = 1) adjusted for changes in the chart methodology from different eras. Totals of all Hot 100 records were then added together for each artist.

Billboard's top ten girl groups:

  1. Supremes (and Diana Ross & the Supremes)
  2. TLC
  3. Destiny's Child
  4. Pointer Sisters
  5. Bangles
  6. Shirelles
  7. Wilson Phillips
  8. Expose
  9. En Vogue
  10. Martha Reeves & the Vandellas
Among the other charts published this week was the top girl group records based on chart performance:
  1. Best of My Love - Emotions
  2. Independent Woman, Part 1 - Destiny's Child
  3. Walk Like an Egyptian - Bangles
  4. Creep - TLC
  5. Waterfalls - TLC
  6. Hold On - Wilson Phillips
  7. Love Child - Diana Ross and the Supremes
  8. No Scrubs - TLC
  9. Where My Girls At? - 702
  10. He's So Fine - Chiffons
The full top 40 can be seen at Billboard's site.


RockMan said...

OK another BS list. It should be:
1. Shirelles - They were the first girl group who mattered. they were way before all the rest. They recorded a string of great songs and were the model for all the rest. They had more than one girl sing lead. The male singing groups of that time were in awe of them.
2. The Supremes - Does this really need to be said. What? Nobody knows but ME.
3. Martha Reeves & the Vandellas - This completes the only possible top 3.
After that I could understand how it could be open to interpretation. However, how can you list the Bangles and not list The GoGo's. That first record, "Beaugy and the Beat" was HUGE!!! Who really makes up these lists, I mean come on, really!

JoeInL.A. said...

In an alternative world, the Top 10 Girl Groups of all time would be:
1. The Shirelles
2. The Supremes
2. The Marvelettes
3. Martha & The Vandellas
4. The Ronettes
5. The Shangri-Las
6. The Crystals
7. The Chiffons
8. The Go Gos
9. The Bangles
10. Destiny's Child

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