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Iron Butterfly Reforming With Ron Bushy, Mike Pinera and Doug Ingle, Jr.

The classic 60's band Iron Butterfly are back together with two of their original members and are planning a new album and tour.

Original drummer Ron Bushy and classic era guitarist Mike Pinera are joining forces with Doug Ingle, Jr., son of founder Doug Ingle and a new bassist to play the band's hits like In-a-Gadda-da-Vida and Soul Experience along with some new tunes.

Pinera did an in-depth interview with Jeff Cramer where he announced the reunion.
I’ll let you in on a little scoop. We just reformed Iron Butterfly with some original members. A lot of the guys died. Ron Bushy, the original drummer and founder of the band, and myself, and Doug Ingle, Jr. He sounds just like Doug and looks just like Doug.

Yeah. We've got a new bass player. We've got some shows that we’re going to do.

We plan to tour a lot as Iron Butterfly and we’re making a new album.
Iron Butterfly originally formed in 1966 and released their debut album, Heavy, in 1968 via Atco. A mere six months later they put out In-a-Gadda-da-Vida which included the classic 17-minute title cut. The album went to number 4 and was Atlantic Records' biggest selling album until the release of Led Zeppelin IV.

The followup, 1969's Ball, went to 3 but turmoil within the group led to personnel changes with Pinera and Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt joining for the album Metamorphosis.

The band has been together in numerous configurations (Wikipedia list 51 different lineups) over the years but this is the first time that Bushy and Pinera have been together in twenty years.


Unknown said…
Only Ron Bushy is an original member. Mike Pinera joined the group on its' 4th album "Metamorphosis", and stayed with the group for only one album.
Duncan W. said…
Did they ever find the missing latter-day "member" who disappeared?