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Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd & Garth Brooks Setting Up to Go 2-3-4 Next Week; Why Garth's' Sales Are So Low

Next week is going to be one big one for veteran artists who are looking to go 2-3-4 on the charts with their debuting albums.

Of course, none of them, all superstars, will be able to un-throne the savior of the album format in 2014, Taylor Swift. Projections have her nearing the two million mark in her third week of release at a time when no other 2014 album has made it to the first million (the soundtrack to Frozen, released in 2013, has passed the million mark in this calendar year).

So we come to the also-rans who will all debut with sales above 100,000.

The Foo Fighters are looking the most impressive, according to Hits Daily Double, with a projected first week sales of 180,000 to 200,000. Following them is the new one from Pink Floyd with 140,000 to 160,000.

The big surprise is the man who will, most likely, debut at number 4. Garth Brooks is the third biggest selling album artist in U.S. recording history, just 500,000 albums away from taking second place from Elvis Presley. He has been away for a decade, will most likely set the all-time box office record with his comeback tour and has just released his first studio album in thirteen years. The signs point to a huge debut.

Yet, he'll probably start at number 4 with sales of "just" 125,000 to 145,000.

What happened? Most likely, it's because he tried to do an end run around the existing digital landscape.

Brooks has always been hesitant to allow his music to be sold digitally. He remains a holdout at iTunes and Amazon and you can't stream his music on Spotify. To stick his foot in the water, Garth decided to start his own digital service called GhostTunes which would exclusively sell the album in the digital realm.

Unfortunately, it looks like the average to smaller fan didn't get word of the existence of the new service or, perhaps, were too timid to try a new retailer (country fans were the last to adopt the digital format in numbers). 125,000 to 145,000 is a pretty impressive start in today's world of CDs but, without the exposure and sales on iTunes and other digital retailers, it is far short of the album's true potential.

Farther down the list of new releases is the new live compilation from Whitney Houston with projected sales of 18,000 to 22,000, Machine Head's Bloodstone and Diamonds with 12,000 to 14,000, and the New Basement Tapes, with Elvis Costello as a member, also at 12,000 to 14,000.

Final numbers and positions will be announced on Thursday, November 20.