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Forget Film and TV, Music is the Top Form of Entertainment According to Nielsen

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

93% of Americans spend more than 25 hours a week listening to music making music the top form of entertainment for the average American.

The survey, conducted by Nielsen, addressed new music discovery, annual music spending, online and mobile habits, streaming preferences, live events, brand affinity and what motivated music purchases.

The survey found that most music listening was done at home (28%) followed by in the car listening (23%). Listening to music at work ranked 16% and 12% of people listened to music while exercising.

Nielsen concluded that music permeates so much of our lives because it’s woven in during all times of the day.

Curated streaming services such as iHeartRadio have become increasing popular with 36% of people now consuming music via the technology. 48% of people access music from their personal music library and 59% use a combination of streaming services and AM/FM radio to consume music.

Smartphones also have an impact in music consumption and are now the third most popular device for listening to music behind radio and computers. 7 out of 10 American’s now use a Smartphone and 39% of Smartphone users purchased music on the device.

Nielsen surveyed an online, third-party panel of 2500 consumers in August and September 2014 to determine its findings.


Anonymous said…
When you think about the fact that music is now cheaper than ever - and often legally free via Spodify, Pandora, and YouTube - this statistic is not very surprising.