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Forget That New Bowie Album - Tony Visconti Says He Was "Misquoted"

Producer Tony Visconti had everyone excited last week over a forthcoming David Bowie studio album that he said would be out "soon."

According to CNN, Visconti told them "There's gonna be another album, definitely...soon." but Tony says that CNN misunderstood what he was trying to say. According to the producer he was referring to the song Sue (or in a Season of Crime) which is on the upcoming Bowie collection Nothing Has Changed.

Visconti said on Twitter "CNN, I didn't say new Bowie album 'soon'. I quoted THE MAN who said 'More Music Soon' on Bowienet. That music is Sue."

That leaves the one new song, recorded earlier this year with Visconti, on the superb new 3-CD retrospective of Bowie's career, out on November 18.