Geoff Tate Tells More About the Queensryche Settlement; Claims Victory

When Queensryche "fired" lead singer Geoff Tate in 2012, it started an all out war that included two different versions of the band, one led by Tate and one led by the rest of the members of the band fronted by Todd La Torre.

An April settlement gives the original members the name and Tate the right to use it for one last tour. Tate's band will soon be named after one of the band's albums, Operation: Mindcrime.

Other than the awarding of the name, not a lot of other details were known about the settlement until now. Tate has told the San Antonio Metal Music Examiner:
I'm very happy. I'm extremely financially happy right now. They had to pay me, which is what they should have done all along. That's exactly what the whole court case was about.

So they finally agreed to pay me for my share of the name and the business. I'm continuing on doing what I do and they can continue doing what they do, and we'll all be happier.

A lot of people are saying the other guys 'won' the name. Well, they didn't win it. We never went to court. It was all an agreement on a settlement out of court. It was a financial arrangement. So it wasn't like a win-lose thing. In my opinion, I think I won.

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Geoff is a bad ass

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