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Lars Ulrich Says Metallica Most Excited to See Dolly Parton at Glastonbury; Talks Domestic Life

by Newsdesk

Lars Ulrich is a huge fan of Dolly Parton, and says he can't wait to see her perform.

The Metallica star played at Glastonbury on Saturday night to widespread acclaim from fans. But Lars admits the band is most excited about hearing Dolly sing live.

"I'll have a hangover on Sunday but we're going to stay on and chill out. I want to see The Horrors, The Black Keys and Dolly Parton. I'm a big fan. We all bow to the altar of Dolly," he told UK newspaper The Mirror.

The Danish-born rocker explains that since becoming a family man, his tastes and habits have become far more gentle. Rather than live a heavy-metal lifestyle, Lars spends his time taking care of Miles, 15, Layne, 12, and Bryce, seven.

"I live in my car. I put my taxi cab light on to drive the kids around," he said. "I have three kids in three schools with three sets of friends. That 3 PM - 6 PM slot with playdates and taking them to activities, that's mad. I'm up at 6:30 AM, doing breakfast, lunch boxes, the school run."

Because of his children's schedule, late nights at the studio are no longer as easy as they used to be. Instead, Lars has become an early bird. "I get to the studio for 8:30 AM and stay there until the end of school. It is possible to play rock and roll at 8:30 AM," he joked.

The 50-year-old makes a point of taking care of his health and hitting the treadmill every day. He has also adopted a vegetarian lifestyle. "We tend to eat a lot of chicken, turkey, fish and salad - I've some hereditary cholesterol issues, so I don't eat meat from four-legged animals," Lars said.