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Bob Marley's "Legend" Goes 15-Times Platinum; Rush Gets Two Platinum Videos

Over the last month, three veteran artists added Platinum to their collection thanks to the RIAA.

Bob Marley's album Legend was given awards for 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15-times platinum, indicating sales of over fifteen million copies in the U.S.  The album, first released in 1984 by Island Records, remains to this day a regular occupant of the top 200 Albums chart. This week, it is number 54 and the eleventh biggest selling album for the week by a veteran artist.

Receiving a second Platinum award is the 1992 album The Very Best of Otis Redding. Its sales have now surpassed two million.

On the Long Form Video side, awards are given for much smaller quantities of sales with a Platinum video representing 50,000 units sold.  Rush has added two new trophies to their case with the 2011 video Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland getting its second Platinum award (over 100,000 sold) while their more recent Clockwork Angels Tour (2013) has received its first Platinum.


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