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Digging Deeper: Axl Rose is NOT the Singer With the Widest Range

Update - May 28, 2014 - 8:35 PM
We've added almost fifty new vocalists, at our reader's suggestion, to the list.

Update - May 26, 2014 - 7:00 PM
We've added a few dozen more singers to the list.  Many thanks to the users at The Range Place who have been such a great help in correcting, adding and explaining their findings.

Update - May 23, 2014 - 4:15 PM
Once again, we've taken your many suggestions and incorporated them into the list along with correcting a couple of mistakes that were pointed out by our readers.

Update - May 22, 2014 - 5:50 PM
We've updated the list based on the suggestions from the comments. If a singer had been analyzed on The Range Place's site, they were placed either on the main list (4 octaves or more) or on the list of suggested singers with smaller ranges. We have also added a list of those yet to be analyzed.

A few notes:
  • Where The Range Place listed both vocal/melodic and total range, we used the vocal/melodic.
  • While the original article at listed the songs where the lowest and highest notes were hit, we did not add it to this article.  You can find that information along with a LOT more over at The Range Place. 
  • A discrepancy was pointed out between the original post's listing for Steve Winwood which showed A2 to G6 (4 octaves, 6 notes) and our listing which has A2 to D6 (4 octaves, 3 notes). It appears that further analysis was done on Winwood's recordings and a correction made on The Range Place site. It also appears that the line for Winwood was drawn incorrectly on the original post, showing a range of only 3 octaves, 3 notes. 
  • Keep in mind that this list is based on vocal range and does not attempt to rank by perceived quality.

When we published a story on Tuesday on the singers with the greatest range, it elicited a list of other vocalists that readers thought had been short changed.

To be fair to the original list from, it was not meant to be all inclusive. They took those singers who had made Rolling Stones' 100 Greatest Singers and the nominees for this year's Billboard Music Awards and included those whose range had been analyzed on The Range Place. Many vocalists did not qualify for the list based on that criteria.

So, we decided to do further research to check the suggested singers along with a broad sampling of other vocalist's on The Range Place's site which led us to the conclusion that there are a LOT of other great singers out there (at least as far as range in concerned) that didn't fit to the RS List/Billboard Awards criteria. As a matter of fact, the singer that were at the bottom of the top ten on the original list are tied for 36th on ours.

We found that Axl Rose is still a formidable force, but he is not the artist with the biggest vocal range. He drops to number 2 on our list behind Mike Patton of Faith No More who was the only singer we found with a range greater than six octaves.

Here is brand new list of the vocalists with the largest range, limited to those with 4 octaves or more.

  • 6 octaves, 1/2 note
    • Mike Patton (Eb1 to E7)
    • 5 octaves, 5-1/2 notes
      • Corey Taylor (Eb1 to C7)
    • 5 octaves, 4-1/2 notes
      • Diamanda Gal├ís (F2 to C#8)
    • 5 octaves, 3 notes
      • David Lee Roth  (E1 to A6)
    • 5 octaves, 2-1/2 notes
      • Axl Rose (F1 to Bb6)
    • 5 octaves, 2 notes
      • Rody Walker (G1 to B6)
    • 5 octaves, 1 note
      • Nina Hagen (G#1 to Bb6)
    • 5 octaves, 1/2 notes
      • Ville Valo (C1 to C#6)
    • 4 octaves, 6-1/2 notes
      • Roger Waters (B1 to Bb6)
      • Mariah Carey (G#2 to G7)
    • 4 octaves, 5-1/2 notes
      • Kyo (F#1 to E6)
      • Devin Townsend (C2 to Bb6)
      • 4 octaves, 5 notes
        • Paul McCartney (A1 to F6)
      • 4 octaves, 4 notes
        • Dan Swano (D1 to A5)
        • Jonathan Davis (A1 to E6)
        • Prince (E2 to B6)
      • 4 octaves, 3 notes
        • Tim Foust (Eb1 to G#5)
      • octaves, 2-1/2 notes
        • Jon Bon Jovi (E2 to G#6)
        • Chino Moreno (F#2 to B6)
      • 4 octaves, 2 notes
        • King Diamond (A1 to C6)
        • Peter Steele (Eb1 to F#5)
        • Minnie Ripperton (Eb3 to F#7)
      • 4 octaves, 1-1/2 notes
        • Billy Gibbons (G1 to Bb5)
        • Ken Tamplin (G1 to Bb5)
      • 4 octaves, 1 note
        • Elvis Presley (G1 to A5)
        • Anthony Keidis (G1 to A5)
        • Warrel Dane (G#1 to Bb5)
        • Jim Gillette (C2 to D6)
        • Burton Cummings (C2 to D6)
        • Steven Tyler (D2 to E6)
        • Serj Tankian (D2 to E6)
        • Vita (D2 to E6)
        • Doug Pinnick (E2 to F6)
      • 4 octaves, 1/2 note
        • David Bowie (G1 to G#5)
        • Peter Gabriel (G1 to G#5)
        • Phil Anselmo  (A1 to Bb5)
        • David Draiman (Bb1 to B5)
        • Rob Halford (C2 to C#6)
        • Marvin Gaye (D2 to Eb6)
        • James Brown (Eb2 to E6)
        • Christina Aguilera (C3 to C#7)
      • 4 octaves
        • Maynard James Keenan (G1 to G5)
        • Geoff Tate (A1 to A5)
        • Captain Beefheart (A1 to A5)
        • Jon Oliva (A1 to A5)
        • Nils Frykdahl (A1 to A5)
        • Tom Araya (C#2 to C#6)
        • Kai Hansen (C#2 to C#6)
        • Ian Gillan (D2 to D6)
        • Glenn Hughes (D2 to D6)
        • Daniel Heiman (Eb2 to Eb6)
        • Freddie Mercury (F2 to F6)
      • 3 octaves, 6-1/2 notes
        • Jorn Lande (Bb1 to A5)
        • Trent Reznor (C#2 to C6)
      • 3 octaves, 6 notes
        • Rob Zombie (A1 to G5)
        • Jack Black (A1 to G5)
        • Daniel Gildenlow (B1 to A5)
        • John Lennon (C2 to B5)
        • Eric Adams (C2 to B5)
        • Tommy Karevik (PelleK) (D2 to C6)
        • Nils K. Rue (D2 to C6)
        • Elton John (E2 to D6)
        • Robert Smith (E2 to D6)
        • Jeff Buckley (F2 to E6)
        • Luis Miguel (G2 to F6) (note: still being analyzed)
      • 3 octaves, 5-1/2 notes
        • Russell Allen (G#1 to F5)
        • Nick Cave (B1 to G#5)
        • Bobby McFerrin (B1 to G#5)
        • Tony Kakko (B1 to G#5)
        • Quorthon (B1 to G#5)
        • Tiny Tim (Eb2 to C6)
        • Robert Plant (E2 to C#6)
      • 3 octaves, 5 notes
        • Barry White (F#1 to Eb5)
        • Roy Khan (Bb1 to F#5)
        • Roger Daltrey (B1 to G5)
        • Lou Gramm (B1 to G5)
        • Chris Isaak (B1 to G5)
        • Billy Joel (C2 to A5)
        • David Coverdale (C2 to A5)
        • Brendon Urie (C#2 to Bb5)
        • Stevie Wonder (E2 to C6)
        • Tobias Sammet (E2 to C6)
        • Rance Allen (F2 to D6)
        • Siouxsie Sioux (A2 to F6)
        • Tina Turner (B2 to G6)
      • 3 octaves, 4-1/2 notes
        • Sean Peck (G1 to Eb5)
        • Tom Waits (Bb1 to F5)
        • Tay Zonday (Bb1 to F5)
        • Marilyn Manson (B1 to F#5)
        • Burton C. Bell (B1 to F#5)
        • Bono (C2 to G#5)
        • Eddie Vedder (C2 to G#5)
        • Gene Simmons (C2 to G#5)
        • Andi Deris (C2 to G#5)
        • Jari Maenpaa (C2 to G#5)
        • David Gilmour (C#2 to A5)
        • Hansi Kursch (C#2 to A5)
        • Morten Harket  (C2 to G#5)
        • James LaBrie  (D2 to Bb5)
        • Matt Barlow (D2 to Bb5)
        • Ted Neeley (D2 to Bb5)
        • Bruce Springsteen (Eb2 to B5)
        • Ronnie James Dio (Eb2 to B5)
        • Tim "Ripper" Owens (Eb2 to B5)
        • Miljenko Matijevic (Eb2 to B5)
        • Brad Delp (F#2 to D6)
        • Philip Bailey (G2 to Eb6)
        • Karen O (B2 to F#6)
        • Claire Boucher (Grimes) (D3 to Bb6)
        • Annette Olzon (D3 to Bb6)
      • 3 octaves, 4 notes
        • Mikael Akerfeldt (G1 to D5)
        • Damon Albarn (B1 to F5)
        • M. Shadows (C#2 to G#5)
        • Chris Cornell (D2 to A5)
        • Brian Johnson (D2 to A5)
        • Richard Page (D2 to A5)
        • Layne Staley (Eb2 to Bb5)
        • Tony Harnell (Eb2 to Bb5)
        • Bruce Dickinson (E2 to B5)
        • Paul Stanley (E2 to B5)
        • Geddy Lee (E2 to B5)
        • Marc Bolan (E2 to B5)
        • Graham Bonnett (F2 to C6)
        • Mark Boals  (F2 to C6)
        • Michael Mills (F2 to C6)
        • Michael Jackson (F#2 to C#6)
        • Sammy Hagar (F#2 to C#6)
        • Sarah Vaughan (G2 to D6)
        • Cedric Bixler-Zavala (G2 to D6)
        • Beyonce (A2 to E6)
        • Kate Bush (B2 to F6)
        • Cyndi Lauper (Eb3 to Bb6)
      • 3 octaves, 3-1/2 notes
        • J.D. Summer (G0 to C#4)
        • Jon Schaffer (F#1 to C5)
        • Greg Puciato (C2 to F#5)
        • Tom Jones (C#2 to G5)
        • Scott Weiland (C#2 to G5)
        • Fabio Laine (Eb2 to A5)
        • Jim Morrison (E2 to Bb5)
        • Adam Lambert (E2 to Bb5)
        • Stu Block (E2 to Bb5)
        • Billy Corgan (F#2 to C6)
        • Myles Kennedy (F#2 to C6)
        • Jimmy Gnecco (F#2 to C6)
        • Klaus Nomi (G2 to C#6)
        • PJ Harvey (A2 to Eb6)
      • 3 octaves, 3 notes
        • Josh Homme (Bb1 to Eb5)
        • Brandon Boyd (B1 to E5)
        • Iggy Pop (B1 to E5)
        • James Hetfield (C2 to F5)
        • Julian Casablancas (C#2 to F#5)
        • Joe Elliott (D2 to G5)
        • Zak Stevens (D2 to G5)
        • Nils Patrik Johansson (Eb2 to G#5)
        • Mick Jagger (E2 to A5)
        • Nina Simone (E2 to A5)
        • George Michael (E2 to A5)
        • Pharrell Williams (E2 to A5)
        • Michael Kiske (E2 to A5)
        • Tommy Giles Rogers (E2 to A5)
        • Tim Buckley (F2 to B5)
        • Brian May (F2 to B5)
        • Tori Amos (G2 to C6)
        • Corey Glover (G2 to C6)
        • Justin Hawkins (B2 to E6)
        • Miley Cyrus (B2 to E6)
        • Marcela Bovio (G#3 to F#5)
      • 3 octaves, 2-1/2 notes
        • Bob Dylan (C#2 to F5)
        • Kurt Cobain (C#2 to F5)
        • Buddy Holly (D2 to F#5)
        • Chris Martin (Eb2 to G5)
        • Paul Rodgers (E2 to G#5)
        • Chad Kroeger (E2 to G#5)
        • Robin Thicke (F2 to Bb5)
        • Justin Timberlake (F#2 to B5)
        • Jared Leto (G#2 to C6)
        • Norah Jones (A2 to C#6)
        • Chang Yu-Sheng (Bb2 to D6)
        • Kelly Clarkson (Eb3 to G6)
      • 3 octaves, 2 notes
        • Ivan Rebroff (F1 to A5)
        • Ringo Starr (C2 to E5)
        • Steve Vai (C2 to E5)
        • Todd Smith (C2 to E5)
        • Lou Reed (D2 to F5)
        • Eminem (D2 to F5)
        • Thom Yorke (E2 to G5)
        • Adam Levine (E2 to G5)
        • Huey Lewis (F2 to A5)
        • Mika (F2 to A5)
        • Aretha Franklin (G2 to B5)
        • Annie Lennox (G2 to B5)
        • Matt Bellamy (G2 to B5)
        • James Rivera (G2 to B5)
        • Michael Bolton (A2 to C6)
        • Jackie Wilson (A2 to C6)
        • Alanis Morissette (B2 to D6)
        • Grace Slick (B2 to D6)
        • Floor Jansen (D3 to F6)
        • Cher (D3 to F6)
        • Annie Haslam (E3 to G6)
      • 3 octaves, 1-1/2 notes
        • Ozzy Osbourne (Eb2 to F5)
        • Fred First (Eb2 to F5)
        • Darroh Sudderth (Eb2 to F5)
        • Simon LeBon (E2 to F#5)
        • Barry Gibb  (F2 to G#5)
        • Patrick Stump (F2 to G#5)
        • Happy Rhodes (F2 to G#5)
        • Sebastian Bach (F#2 to A5)
        • Lisa Gerrard (F#2 to A5)
        • Steve Perry (F#2 to A5)
        • Matt Tuck (F#2 to A5)
        • Joey Belladonna (G2 to Bb5)
        • Ella Fitzgerald (G#2 to B5)
        • Michael Sweet (Bb2 to C#6)
        • Rihanna (B2 to C#6)
        • Tarja Turunen (F3 to G#6)
      • 3 octaves, 1 note
        • Till Lindemann (G1 to A4)
        • Leonard Cohen (G1 to A4)
        • Dave Gahan (B1 to C5)
        • Glenn Danzig (C2 to D5)
        • Dave Grohl (D2 to E5)
        • Neil Young (E2 to F5)
        • Claudio Sanchez (E2 to F5)
        • Brian Wilson (F2 to G5)
        • Phil Collins (F2 to G5)
        • Joacim Cans (F#2 to G#5) (still being analyzed)
        • David Byron (G2 to A5)
        • Jon Anderson (G2 to A5)
        • John Arch (G2 to A5)
        • Alessandro Conti (G2 to A5)
        • Ray Charles (G#2 to Bb5)
        • Bob Marley (A2 to B5)
        • Steve Winwood (A2 to B5)
        • Ann Wilson (C3 to D6)
      • 3 octaves, 1/2 note
        • Jeremy Enigk (F2 to F#5) (still being analyzed)
        • Marc Storace (G2 to G#5) (still being analyzed)
        • Spencer Sotelo (G#2 to A5)
        • Justin Bieber (A2 to Bb5)
        • Lady Gaga (Bb2 to B5)
        • Beth Gibbons (C#3 to D6)
        • Lana Del Rey (C3 to C#6)
        • Amy Lee (Eb3 to E6)
      • 3 octaves
        • Christopher Lee (Bb1 to Bb4)
        • Billy Idol (C2 to C5)
        • Michael Hutchence (C#2 to C#5)
        • Brian Molko (D2 to D5)
        • Paul Simon (Eb2 to Eb5)
        • Roy Orbison (E2 to E5)
        • Howard Jones (Killswitch Engage) (E2 to E5)
        • Chris Jericho (G2 to G5)
        • Chester Bennington (G#2 to G#5)
        • Lorde (G#2 to G#5)
        • Chris Barretto (G#2 to G#5)
        • Janis Joplin (B2 to B5)
        • Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth (B2 to B5)
      • 2 octaves, 6-1/2 notes
        • Dave Mustaine (E2 to Eb5)
        • Taylor Hawkins (F#2 to F5)
        • Hyde. (F#2 to F5)
        • Sting (G2 to F#5)
        • John Fogerty (G2 to F#5)
        • Billy Joe Armstrong (A2 to G#5)
        • Gwen Stefani (Eb3 to D6)
        • Rod Stewart (C#3 to C6)
        • Sinead O'Connor  (A2 to G#5)
        • Bruno Mars (Bb2 to A5)
      • 2 octaves, 6 notes
        • Brent Smith (E2 to D5)
        • Steven Wilson (E2 to D5)
        • Chris Corner (F2 to E5)
        • Robin Gibb (G2 to F5)
        • John Garcia (G2 to F5)
        • Julee Cruise (A2 to G5)
        • John Lydon (A2 to G5) (analysis in progress)
        • Adrian Belew (A2 to G5) (analysis in progress)
        • Mike Pinder (A2 to G5) (analysis in progress)
        • Daniel Tompkins (A2 to G5) (analysis in progress)
        • Billy Ocean (Bb2 to G#5)
        • Joe Cocker (B2 to A5)
        • Adele (C3 to B5)
        • Dolly Parton (E3 to D6)
        • Bjork (E3 to D6)
      • 2 octaves, 5-1/2 notes
        • Johnny Cash (B1 to G#4)
        • Little Richard (F2 to Eb5)
        • Nate Ruess (G#2 to F5)
        • Z.P. Theart (Bb2 to G5)
        • Andrew Stockdale (B2 to G#5)
        • Vince Neil (C3 to Bb5)
      • 2 octaves, 5 notes
        • Michael Stipe (D2 to B4)
        • David Ruffin (E2 to C5)
        • Van Morrison (E2 to C5)
        • Chuck Berry (E2 to C5)
        • Mick Hucknall (F#2 to Eb5)
        • Art Garfunkel (G2 to E5)
        • Chris Jericho (G2 to E5)
        • John Lodge (A2 to F5)
        • Alicia Keys (Bb2 to F#5)
        • Hayley Williams (Bb2 to F#5)
        • Anneke van Giersbergen (C3 to A5)
        • Joanna Newsom (C3 to A5)
      • 2 octaves, 4-1/2 notes
        • Raine Maida (D2 to Bb4)
        • Adam Young (G2 to Eb5)
        • Damian Wilson (B2 to F#5)
        • Joni Mitchell (C#3 to A5)
        • Dusty Springfield (D3 to Bb5)
        • Katy Perry (D3 to Bb5)
      • 2 octaves, 4 notes
        • Gerard Way (G2 to D5)
        • Drake Bell (A2 to E5)
        • Jonny Craig (A2 to E5)
        • Otis Redding (B2 to F5)
        • Stevie Nicks (B2 to F5)
        • Smokey Robinson (C3 to G5)
        • Kellin Quinn (C3 to G5)
        • Whitney Houston (C#3 to G#5)
      • 2 octaves, 3-1/2 notes
        • Frank Sinatra (D2 to G#4)
        • Neil Diamond (D2 to G#4)
        • Josh Groban (F#2 to C5)
        • Meat Loaf (A2 to Eb5)
        • Ray William Johnson (C3 to F#5)
      • 2 octaves, 3 notes
        • Justin Hayward (G2 to C5)
        • Zack de la Rocha (A2 to D5)
        • Jesse Leach (A2 to D5) (analysis in progress)
        • Brian Aubert (B2 to E5)
      • 2 octaves, 2-1/2 notes
        • Jerry Lee Lewis (G#2 to C5)
        • Ricky Martin (Bb2 to D5)
        • Luciano Pavarotti (C#3 to F5)
      • 2 octaves, 2 notes
        • Jeff Magnum (G2 to B4) (analysis in progress)
        • Sam Cooke (A2 to C5)
        • Karen Carpenter (D3 to F5)
        • Loreena McKennitt (E3 to G5)
      • 2 octaves, 1-1/2 notes
        • Taylor Swift (E3 to F#5)
      • 2 octaves, 1/2 note
        • Bill Kaulitz (C3 to C#5) (analysis in progress)
      • 2 octaves
        • Skin (Deborah Dyer) (B3 to B5)
      • 1 octave, 3 notes
        • Avi Kaplan (A2 to D4) (analysis in progress)
      Have not been analyzed:

      • Christian Alvestam
      • Julie Andrews
      • Marc Anthony
      • Blixa Bargeld
      • Beck
      • Andy Bell
      • Pat Benatar
      • Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000)
      • James Blake
      • Cory Brandan
      • Sarah Brightman
      • Joseph Calleja
      • Anna Carolina
      • Tom Chaplin
      • Kristen Chenowith
      • Jarvis Church
      • Merry Clayton
      • Robert Crowe
      • Atilla Csihar
      • Lisa Dalbello
      • D'Angelo
      • Jon DeLeo
      • Marcella Detroit
      • Ryan Devlin
      • Celine Dion
      • James Euringer
      • Siobhan Fahey
      • Agnetha Faltskog
      • Feist
      • Rachel Ferrell
      • Dani Filth
      • Lisa Fischer
      • Elizabeth Fraser
      • Marta Gabriel
      • Declan Galbraith
      • Merrill Garbus
      • Sameer Ghadia
      • Jared Gomes
      • Ariana Grande
      • Steve Green
      • Emily Haines
      • Zac Hanson
      • Imogen Heap
      • Donnie Iris
      • Freddie Jackson
      • Jim James
      • Alain Johannes
      • Daniel Johns
      • Jyrki 69
      • Tom Keifer
      • Andy Kuntz
      • Patti LaBelle
      • Caroline Lavelle
      • Aaron Lewis
      • Adam Lopez
      • Patti Lupone
      • Billy MacKenzie
      • Madonna
      • Barry Manilow
      • Bobby Martin
      • Dean Martin
      • Sylvia "Skin" Massy
      • Dave Matthews
      • Maxwell
      • Sarah McLachlan
      • Roger Miller
      • Chuck Mosley
      • Peter Murphy
      • Aaron Neville
      • Harry Nilsson
      • Brandy Norwood
      • Alissa Now
      • Sally Oldfield
      • Beth Orton
      • David Pack
      • Ronan Parke
      • Paul Potts
      • Panda Bare
      • Pink
      • Josh Ramsay
      • Lou Rhodes
      • Dax Riggs
      • Jasmine Rodgers
      • Kenny Rogers
      • Linda Ronstadt
      • Gavin Rossdale
      • Mike Semesky
      • Sia
      • Sho
      • Norman Skinner
      • Martina Sorbara
      • Cat Stevens
      • Shirley Strachan
      • Barbra Streisand
      • Stumpen (Gero Ivers)
      • Lacey Sturm
      • Yma Sumac
      • Avey Tare
      • Alan Tecchio
      • Neil Tennant
      • Ray Thomas
      • Tracey Thorn
      • Mel Torme
      • Conway Twitty
      • Jimmy Urine
      • Regine Velasquez
      • Frankie Valli
      • Varg Vikemes
      • Violetta Villas
      • Tim Waurick
      • Alissa White-Gluz
      • Andrew Wood
      • Yama-B
      • Vegard Vlvisaker
      We will fully admit that there very well may be additional artists that belong on this list. We sampled a couple of hundred of names on a list that includes over 700 singers.  If any of our readers thinks we missed one of their favorites, let us know and we will add them to our list.  


      Anonymous said…
      On live versions of EMOTIONS, Mariah Carey went even higher than the studio recording of the song.
      Anonymous said…
      Hmmm... I don't see Devin Townsend in the top 5. How so?
      Anonymous said…
      Devin Townsend is a mighty fine call.And Matt Bellamy of Muse too.
      admin said…
      James labrie??? Not on list.tim.ripper owens???? Not n list.
      Unknown said…
      Where is Bruce Dickinson?
      Anonymous said…
      David Ruffin.
      Anonymous said…
      Roy Orbison?
      Anonymous said…
      Yma Sumac
      Anonymous said…
      Morten Harket of A-ha should do well on this list.
      Anonymous said…
      because patton is a god!
      Anonymous said…
      Chris Cornell
      Anonymous said…
      Till Lindemann?
      Anonymous said…
      Or the Almighty KING DIAMOND! Also, Jim Gillette of Nitro, as horrible as their recordings are, has a MONSTER vocal range.
      Anonymous said…
      Chris Cornell AND the Maynard James Keenan should be automatically on this list.
      Unknown said…
      I am curious where Dani Filth, Stu Block or Ripper Owens would be on the list.
      Anonymous said…
      Jeff Buckley
      Anonymous said…
      Phillip Bailey???
      Anonymous said…
      King diamond,Eric Adams from manowar,
      Anonymous said…
      I agree with that
      Anonymous said…
      Where's Mika come on this list?
      Unknown said…
      Yeah! Good call!
      Anonymous said…
      geddy lee!
      Anonymous said…
      Unknown said…
      David Pack of soft-rock group: Ambrosia has an impressive vocal range and is missing from this list
      Anonymous said…
      where's Devin townsend?
      Anonymous said…
      Layne Staley?
      Anonymous said…
      What about Sarah MacLaughlan? She should have better than a lot of the listings
      Anonymous said…
      Yes I agree, was thinking of hime too
      Anonymous said…
      Ask most people who have real vocal pedagogy training, Mariah Carey is a hack. Seriously, she's why she constantly flutters her voice up and down. She may be able to squeak a note but she can't hold most of them.
      Anonymous said…
      no maynard, no list
      Dustin said…
      your comment makes you sound like an asshole. Just so you know.
      Anonymous said…
      Bobby McFerrin is missing too... extreme range
      Anonymous said…
      Anonymous said…
      Anonymous said…
      Just out of curiosity, could you tell me what vocal range the singer Luis Miguel has? I estime he could be one of the tops.
      Anonymous said…
      What about Art Garfunkel? He's nowhere to be seen on your lists...
      C said…
      Merry Clayton and Lisa Fischer
      Anonymous said…
      Anonymous said…
      Morten DEFINITELY needs to be on this list. His Wiki entry says 5 octaves.
      Anonymous said…
      Skin from Skunk Anansie? Brandon Boyd from Incubus? Amy Lee from Evenescence? Tom Keifer from Cinderella? Mike Patton is still number one.
      Anonymous said…

      REALLY???? You let me know when Axel hits these notes and get back to me.
      Anonymous said…
      Chuck Mosley 4 sure
      Anonymous said…
      Seriously! Still no Chris Cornell
      Unknown said…
      matt bellamy?
      Unknown said…
      Y'all missed the fellow with the largest range... Tim Waurick
      Unknown said…
      Y'all missed the fellow with the widest range... An A Capella singer by the name of Tim Waurick
      Anonymous said…
      bobby mcferrin
      Jill said…
      According to this video, Stevie Wonder hit five octaves and a half step.
      Anonymous said…
      Eu said…
      Patton is God. And the list possibly didn't include his yet unparalleled high-pitched screamming, which would easily put him some octaves above in the rank of human voices.
      Anonymous said…
      David Golden said…
      Bobby Martin (Frank Zappa's touring bands 1981-1988).
      selbot said…
      Why is Steve Winwood(15) ahead of Steve Tyler(26) here, but on the Huffington Post chart, he is way below? Winwood's line on the Huffington Post chart is almost a full inch shorter than Steven Tyler's, and I thought that the length of the line indicated vocal range. Also, there is a discrepancy between your note range and the Huffington POst's (Winwood A2-G6 VVN vs Huff Post A2-D6). Who is right?
      Anonymous said…
      Ville Valo?
      Unknown said…
      Someone should mention the members of Pentatonix because they have some ridiculous ranges.
      Anonymous said…
      And Ronnie James Dio...
      Anonymous said…
      T-Pain hits any note he wants! #autoTune #thanksToSoftware
      Unknown said…
      I'd think Dani Filth would be at the top of the list. Man what a range!
      Anonymous said…
      still, she is a the top of her singing carreer, and you're here, being a douchebag to unknown people in the internet
      Anonymous said…
      Anonymous said…
      It would be neat to see the 2 songs included that demonstrate the highest and lowest note for each singer, as the original list did. It's nice to be able to hear for ourselves instead of just seeing a ranking.
      Ray Mr. E0™ said…
      NO Michael Jackson? REALLY?

      Anonymous said…
      Serj Tankian?
      Anonymous said…
      Anonymous said…
      Stumpen of German band Knorkator would be way up, if he'd be in the list. He has a vocal range to die for.
      You have a lot of squealers and moaners in it. It's a pity that a fantastic singer like Elton John was dumped from the list, just because someone else squealed or grumbled a sound that hardly qualifies as a note.
      maryleew said…
      Right? No Cornell, no Layne Staley. Ridiculous.
      Unknown said…
      I wonder where Phil Anselmo (of Pantera) would end up.. too bad metal is the ugly, red-headed step child of the music world.

      Just Googled it, and has his range listed as C♯1-B♭5. That would put him pretty high up on this list!
      Unknown said…
      What about Daniel Gildenlow? According to therangeplace he can go from A1 to A5
      Anonymous said…
      I'd like to see where Barbra Streisand falls in the list
      Anonymous said…
      Anonymous said…
      Yma Sumac had an 8-octave range.
      Anonymous said…
      I'm interested if Devin Townsend would make the list. Jeff Buckley and Bobby McFerrin definitely have a very solid and broad range greater than 3 or 4 octaves.
      Anonymous said…
      Chris cornell would be in the top spot....

      Anonymous said…
      Yma Sumacs range was4-5 octaves. No human alive has had 8 octaves. That is just silly.
      Anonymous said…
      Chris Cornell have a 4 octave range, well below Mike Patton.
      Anonymous said…
      You people need to learn to search the Interwebs before posting dumb ass comments
      Unknown said…
      You guys GOTTA listen to Yma Sumac, the Peruvian Inca Princess. Hard to beat.

      And yeah, Mike Patton is God!
      Anonymous said…
      I second Matthew Bellamy. Also curious about Karen O, who sounds a lot like Siouxsie Sioux (but I'm not sure her range is as big).
      Anonymous said…
      Robert Crowe, actual male soprano
      Anonymous said…
      Yes Mike Patton did it of course, but what about Blixa Bargeld of Einstuerzende Neubauten he's missing in that list
      Anonymous said…
      floor jansen of nightwish
      or alissa now in archenemy
      orhowerd jones
      I would suggest Maynard. You also want to take another look into Jeff Buckley. His range is way wider than previously stated.
      Anonymous said…
      pat benatar with a 4.5 octave range is missing from both lists.
      will said…
      VVN Network said…
      We've updated the list with all of your suggestions!
      Anonymous said…
      Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet)
      Diamanda Galas
      Billy Mackenzie (of the 80s duo Associates)
      Reticuli said…
      Axl Rose sounds like dog shit.
      Anonymous said…
      Whitney Houston - how can she have been forgotten?
      Anonymous said…
      tommy rogers between the buried and me
      Unknown said…
      How about Mijenko Matijevic from Steelheart? Does anyone remember the final note of Angel Eyes(Never Let You Go) ?
      Anonymous said…
      Why is the list so male-heavy?
      What about artists like Anne Wilson and Sinead O'Connor?
      Unknown said…
      Would it be possible to calculate Rachelle Ferrell's vocal range? I've read somewhere that it was 6 octaves, is it true?
      Anonymous said…
      Why won't you people just check out the website where all the information is taken from, and you won't have to post all these stupid suggestions?
      Unknown said…
      Come one you can't leave out Chris Cornell!!!!!!
      Anonymous said…
      Curious about any of the Gibb brothers.
      Anonymous said…
      Robin Thicke--Vocal range: F2-B♭5
      Anonymous said…
      Check out Jared Leto's range, he's on the site.
      Anonymous said…
      Was wondering about Lauper myself.
      Anonymous said…
      This guy has Bb1-E6 of melodic range, and F1-G#7 of total range
      Anonymous said…
      Justin hawkins of the darkness. Jarvis Church of the Philosopher Kings.
      Anonymous said…
      I dunno man... Labrie has godlike range..
      Anonymous said…
      it`s Siouxsie Sioux no Siouxsie Sue!!!!
      Anonymous said…
      David Coverdale?
      Anonymous said…
      what about sebastian Bach from Skid Row??????????????????????????????????????????
      Unknown said…
      Daniel Johns of Silverchair!
      Anonymous said…
      Sting (Gordon Sumner)
      Sung range: G2-F♯5
      Total range: C2-D7
      Unknown said…
      Well Dani Filth got an impressive range, but seriously, Patton lows are just monstruous... Just as his highs.
      Dani should be in the top 10 through !
      Argyle said…
      Please take a look at Avey Tare from Animal Collective and Panda Bear from the same.

      Also check out James Blake.
      Anonymous said…
      Julie Andrews
      Anonymous said…
      Damian Wilson. His highs rival a few lady singers.
      Jeez said…
      Peter Murphy
      Jeez said…
      Paul Potts
      Surecure said…
      The Range Place website actually tracks Devin Townsend as being D1 (Noisy Pink Bubbles) to F7 (Still My Bleeding Heart) which is exactly the same range as Mike Patton but only 1 semitone lower.
      Anonymous said…
      Todd Smith from Dog Fashion Disco would be pretty high on list I assume if was looked at. Probably won't be considered though since band is so far out of the mainstream.
      Anonymous said…
      What about Tom Waits!
      Unknown said…
      Should it not be Patton AND Cornell at the top !! They are the elite :)
      Anonymous said…
      Also surprised no Bjork on here?
      When I read the list on Tuesday, my first statement to my wife was "where the hell is Mike Patton? Well done on revisiting this list.
      theonlydjtopcat said…
      Um how about Ann Wilson-Heart??
      I'm sure she ranks in the top 20
      Linda Ronstadt
      Sarah Vaughn
      Ella Fitzgerald
      Frankie Valli
      Anonymous said…
      And Madonna? 3,5 octaves
      Jim said…
      Your statement that 'Minnie Riperton had a four-octave range is totally incorrect.In the song "Loving You" she sings a walkdown on the A Major scale from F#6 to A5. Riperton's vocal range spanned five octaves with consummate ease.
      Anonymous said…
      And Madonna? 3,5 the 8th
      Anonymous said…
      And Madonna? 3,5 the 8th
      Unknown said…
      Josh Ramsay
      Avi Kaplan
      VVN Network said…
      Thank you for all the comments. We will be updating again on Friday taking in all your suggestions.

      A couple of quick things in the meantime:

      We stated that we are using the sung range and not the total range as the discussion revolves around their singing. That makes Devin Townsend's range C2 to Bb6.

      There are a couple that keep being requested that already are on the list.

      Sebastian Bach has a relatively small 2 octaves, 1-1/2 note range.

      Chris Cornell (by far the most popular request) is on the "also ran" list with a range of 2 octaves, 4 notes.

      Finally, yes, Siouxsie Sioux. Our mistake.
      Anonymous said…
      Shirley Strachan (Skyhooks - Australian band from the 1970s)
      David Byron - Uriah Heep (1970s)
      Ronnie Dio
      Anonymous said…
      Brandy Norwood
      B. Durbin said…
      Almost all the vocalist friends I have responded to the earlier list with "What about JULIE ANDREWS?" Surely there are enough recordings for an analysis...
      Anonymous said…
      Knew the first one was wrong when Rob Halford was excluded.
      And was then ecstatic to see Mike Patton top the list, the man is a genius and virtuoso - so good he does the zombie voices in Left 4 Dead game.
      Anonymous said…
      The most underrated vocalist of all time...her voice is heard on records that have sold probably more than any female worldwide in history...and unlike Mariah can actually sing words at an extremely high range.....Agnetha Faltskog of ABBA.
      Anonymous said…
      Zac Hanson!! He is most often on the upper end of the harmonies, but also does the low end when baritone brother Isaac sings lead.
      Anonymous said…
      What about Burton C. Bell from Fear Factory?
      Anonymous said…
      Shinedown's Brent Smith should be on this list.
      Anonymous said…
      Dax Riggs
      Anonymous said…
      I agree, love his voice
      Anonymous said…
      Falta Annie Lennox
      Anonymous said…
      What about Skin from Skunk Anansie??
      Eu said…
      My good people,
      Range is about going from lows to highs and back to lows, reaching extremes in pitch. You're mistaking things suggesting people like, say, Mika. Mika has a high-pitched voice, but can't sing low tunes. Mika has low range, even if he reaches high notes.
      Mike Patton is god.
      Whoever beats him in this list will have my respect and my full attention.
      Anonymous said…
      Patton! What about Diamanda Gallas?
      Anonymous said…
      Nina Hagen?
      Anonymous said…
      What about Joey Belladonna of Anthrax? Their cover album Anthems shows off some pretty impressive range!
      Anonymous said…
      PATTI LABELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Anonymous said…
      Ian Gillan, Bruce Dickinson and Kate Bush are interesting singers when it comes to range
      Anonymous said…
      Ella Fitzgerald!!
      Anonymous said…
      Cindy Lauper
      Anonymous said…
      Jon De Leo, former singer of Italian outfit Quintorigo
      Europe said…
      What about baritone Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) and Chris Martin??
      Anonymous said…
      Jyrki 69 of the 69 Eyes, and Ivan Rebroff.
      Anonymous said…
      Celine Dion and Sarah Brightman
      MJ said…
      Obviously not, only 2 octaves and a bit.
      Anonymous said…
      Sorry to ask, but who has only 2 octaves and a bit? Celine and Sarah?
      MJ said…
      Sounds limited vocally to me, what gives you the impression he has any kind of range to be talked of amongst the best in the world?
      Unknown said…
      Ann Wilson from Heart?
      Anonymous said…
      Janis Joplin
      Anonymous said…
      Blixa! Do Blixa Bargeld! Desperately want to see what his highest note is! :)
      Anonymous said…
      How do you know he is not fucking Bill Gates or something and he just wound up on this website while taking a shit? Also, he was not being a douchebag, he was just stating his opinion and he makes a perfect sense.
      Anonymous said…
      What about Russel Allen of Symphony X????
      Ken Settle said…
      You need to post the actual recorded proof of a Patton's 6 octave vocal range. I do not believe that it is possible for a human to have a 6 octave range. Something is screwy in the way you are analyzing this.
      Eu said…
      Anonymous said…
      Would like to see how David Gilmour would do on the list, though I doubt his range is actually that great.
      Unknown said…
      Snead O'Conner Has a great range of octaves she should be on your list as well
      Eu said…
      Sorry, I forgot to describe the link: actual recorded proof of a Patton's 6 octave vocal range. Possibly not human.
      Eu said…
      End of discussion.
      Tyler said…
      What about Julee Cruise?
      Anonymous said…
      Chino Moreno?
      Eddie Vedder?
      Unknown said…
      And TIM BUCKKLEY? Where's Tim?
      Anonymous said…
      Chenoweth isn't even on this list. What the fuck. I'm pretty sure she can hit high notes and hold them.
      ElleWillBite said…
      Yma Sumac should be there. Also, it's Killswitch ENGAGE.
      Anonymous said…
      Ummmm...Barry Gibb....HELLO!!
      Anonymous said…
      what about Sinead O'connor
      on Troy she shows quite a range
      Anonymous said…
      What about Simon Le Bon?
      Anonymous said…
      Kristin Chenoweth most definitely should be on this list!! She is amazing!!
      Unknown said…
      Little Richard, John Lydon, Kate Bush....
      Unknown said…
      This comment has been removed by the author.
      Unknown said…
      Oops. Kate already made the list. :)
      Anonymous said…
      Lisa Gerrard from Dead Can Dance?
      range smange said…
      how'd they forget CORPSEGRINDER from Cannibal Corpse?
      Anonymous said…
      How about Bjork?
      Tori Amos?
      Robert Plant?
      Andrew Wood?
      Mike C. said…
      This comment has been removed by the author.
      Anonymous said…
      I disagree with Roger Daltrey's range. Octaves are meant to run C to B, which would mean Roger's range would be:

      B1 (1) + C2-B2 (8) + C3-B3 (8) + C4-B4 (8) + C5-G5 (5) = 3 octaves and 6 notes.
      Anonymous said…
      ^ Correction. Those 8s should be 7s really. I got confused myself and forgot the first C of an octave is the same as the last C of the one before. My bad.
      chimurenga said…
      Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins)
      Unknown said…
      what about adam lopez? he has a 6 octave range and also has the world record for highest note ever sung
      VVN Network said…
      We've once again updated the list and put it into a bit more readable form.
      Unknown said…
      I have to second Russell Allen from Symphony X. I'm sure he doesn't have the highest range, but it's impressive. Surprised Daniel Gildenlowe's range isn't higher. That guy is amazing.
      Andy said…
      Warrel Dane of Nevermore should be on this list. He claims 6 octaves but I'd settle for 4.
      Ossie said…
      I'm sure when I saw Beck at Reading festival 2000 he said onstage that he had a 7 octave range, then proceeded to warble his little head off.
      Also, Al Green?
      Anonymous said…
      Zakk Wylde have such a powerfull voice, should be on this list.
      Anonymous said…
      you don't think he could have been joking?
      Anonymous said…
      what about Joss Stone?
      Anonymous said…
      What about Felix Kjellberg?
      Holsety said…
      So.. sorry VVN, but you just got fooled with the Jared Leto thing. As a member of the forum you refer to, I fixed his thread so he should be back to his 3 octaves and change.
      VVN Network said…
      You know, it didn't look right to me but I figured you folks are the experts. :)

      Thanks for letting me know!
      Anonymous said…
      Barbara Streisand?
      Kevin Hayden said…
      Please add KD Lang.

      Thank you!
      Anonymous said…
      Go to the site linked above and you can view their examples of high and low notes shown in recordings. And if not familiar with him he is very dynamic in styles and does have that much range.
      Anonymous said…
      I agree with Chino Moreno and Todd Smith deserving to be measured for this. Also think Erykah Badu, Frank Ocean, Cameron Heacock, Greg Putiato, Scott Weiland, and Bjork all show large range.
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