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Digging Deeper: Axl Rose is NOT the Singer With the Widest Range

Update - May 28, 2014 - 8:35 PM
We've added almost fifty new vocalists, at our reader's suggestion, to the list.

Update - May 26, 2014 - 7:00 PM
We've added a few dozen more singers to the list.  Many thanks to the users at The Range Place who have been such a great help in correcting, adding and explaining their findings.

Update - May 23, 2014 - 4:15 PM
Once again, we've taken your many suggestions and incorporated them into the list along with correcting a couple of mistakes that were pointed out by our readers.

Update - May 22, 2014 - 5:50 PM
We've updated the list based on the suggestions from the comments. If a singer had been analyzed on The Range Place's site, they were placed either on the main list (4 octaves or more) or on the list of suggested singers with smaller ranges. We have also added a list of those yet to be analyzed.

A few notes:
  • Where The Range Place listed both vocal/melodic and total range, we used the vocal/melodic.
  • While the original article at listed the songs where the lowest and highest notes were hit, we did not add it to this article.  You can find that information along with a LOT more over at The Range Place. 
  • A discrepancy was pointed out between the original post's listing for Steve Winwood which showed A2 to G6 (4 octaves, 6 notes) and our listing which has A2 to D6 (4 octaves, 3 notes). It appears that further analysis was done on Winwood's recordings and a correction made on The Range Place site. It also appears that the line for Winwood was drawn incorrectly on the original post, showing a range of only 3 octaves, 3 notes. 
  • Keep in mind that this list is based on vocal range and does not attempt to rank by perceived quality.

When we published a story on Tuesday on the singers with the greatest range, it elicited a list of other vocalists that readers thought had been short changed.

To be fair to the original list from, it was not meant to be all inclusive. They took those singers who had made Rolling Stones' 100 Greatest Singers and the nominees for this year's Billboard Music Awards and included those whose range had been analyzed on The Range Place. Many vocalists did not qualify for the list based on that criteria.

So, we decided to do further research to check the suggested singers along with a broad sampling of other vocalist's on The Range Place's site which led us to the conclusion that there are a LOT of other great singers out there (at least as far as range in concerned) that didn't fit to the RS List/Billboard Awards criteria. As a matter of fact, the singer that were at the bottom of the top ten on the original list are tied for 36th on ours.

We found that Axl Rose is still a formidable force, but he is not the artist with the biggest vocal range. He drops to number 2 on our list behind Mike Patton of Faith No More who was the only singer we found with a range greater than six octaves.

Here is brand new list of the vocalists with the largest range, limited to those with 4 octaves or more.

  • 6 octaves, 1/2 note
    • Mike Patton (Eb1 to E7)
    • 5 octaves, 5-1/2 notes
      • Corey Taylor (Eb1 to C7)
    • 5 octaves, 4-1/2 notes
      • Diamanda Galás (F2 to C#8)
    • 5 octaves, 3 notes
      • David Lee Roth  (E1 to A6)
    • 5 octaves, 2-1/2 notes
      • Axl Rose (F1 to Bb6)
    • 5 octaves, 2 notes
      • Rody Walker (G1 to B6)
    • 5 octaves, 1 note
      • Nina Hagen (G#1 to Bb6)
    • 5 octaves, 1/2 notes
      • Ville Valo (C1 to C#6)
    • 4 octaves, 6-1/2 notes
      • Roger Waters (B1 to Bb6)
      • Mariah Carey (G#2 to G7)
    • 4 octaves, 5-1/2 notes
      • Kyo (F#1 to E6)
      • Devin Townsend (C2 to Bb6)
      • 4 octaves, 5 notes
        • Paul McCartney (A1 to F6)
      • 4 octaves, 4 notes
        • Dan Swano (D1 to A5)
        • Jonathan Davis (A1 to E6)
        • Prince (E2 to B6)
      • 4 octaves, 3 notes
        • Tim Foust (Eb1 to G#5)
      • octaves, 2-1/2 notes
        • Jon Bon Jovi (E2 to G#6)
        • Chino Moreno (F#2 to B6)
      • 4 octaves, 2 notes
        • King Diamond (A1 to C6)
        • Peter Steele (Eb1 to F#5)
        • Minnie Ripperton (Eb3 to F#7)
      • 4 octaves, 1-1/2 notes
        • Billy Gibbons (G1 to Bb5)
        • Ken Tamplin (G1 to Bb5)
      • 4 octaves, 1 note
        • Elvis Presley (G1 to A5)
        • Anthony Keidis (G1 to A5)
        • Warrel Dane (G#1 to Bb5)
        • Jim Gillette (C2 to D6)
        • Burton Cummings (C2 to D6)
        • Steven Tyler (D2 to E6)
        • Serj Tankian (D2 to E6)
        • Vita (D2 to E6)
        • Doug Pinnick (E2 to F6)
      • 4 octaves, 1/2 note
        • David Bowie (G1 to G#5)
        • Peter Gabriel (G1 to G#5)
        • Phil Anselmo  (A1 to Bb5)
        • David Draiman (Bb1 to B5)
        • Rob Halford (C2 to C#6)
        • Marvin Gaye (D2 to Eb6)
        • James Brown (Eb2 to E6)
        • Christina Aguilera (C3 to C#7)
      • 4 octaves
        • Maynard James Keenan (G1 to G5)
        • Geoff Tate (A1 to A5)
        • Captain Beefheart (A1 to A5)
        • Jon Oliva (A1 to A5)
        • Nils Frykdahl (A1 to A5)
        • Tom Araya (C#2 to C#6)
        • Kai Hansen (C#2 to C#6)
        • Ian Gillan (D2 to D6)
        • Glenn Hughes (D2 to D6)
        • Daniel Heiman (Eb2 to Eb6)
        • Freddie Mercury (F2 to F6)
      • 3 octaves, 6-1/2 notes
        • Jorn Lande (Bb1 to A5)
        • Trent Reznor (C#2 to C6)
      • 3 octaves, 6 notes
        • Rob Zombie (A1 to G5)
        • Jack Black (A1 to G5)
        • Daniel Gildenlow (B1 to A5)
        • John Lennon (C2 to B5)
        • Eric Adams (C2 to B5)
        • Tommy Karevik (PelleK) (D2 to C6)
        • Nils K. Rue (D2 to C6)
        • Elton John (E2 to D6)
        • Robert Smith (E2 to D6)
        • Jeff Buckley (F2 to E6)
        • Luis Miguel (G2 to F6) (note: still being analyzed)
      • 3 octaves, 5-1/2 notes
        • Russell Allen (G#1 to F5)
        • Nick Cave (B1 to G#5)
        • Bobby McFerrin (B1 to G#5)
        • Tony Kakko (B1 to G#5)
        • Quorthon (B1 to G#5)
        • Tiny Tim (Eb2 to C6)
        • Robert Plant (E2 to C#6)
      • 3 octaves, 5 notes
        • Barry White (F#1 to Eb5)
        • Roy Khan (Bb1 to F#5)
        • Roger Daltrey (B1 to G5)
        • Lou Gramm (B1 to G5)
        • Chris Isaak (B1 to G5)
        • Billy Joel (C2 to A5)
        • David Coverdale (C2 to A5)
        • Brendon Urie (C#2 to Bb5)
        • Stevie Wonder (E2 to C6)
        • Tobias Sammet (E2 to C6)
        • Rance Allen (F2 to D6)
        • Siouxsie Sioux (A2 to F6)
        • Tina Turner (B2 to G6)
      • 3 octaves, 4-1/2 notes
        • Sean Peck (G1 to Eb5)
        • Tom Waits (Bb1 to F5)
        • Tay Zonday (Bb1 to F5)
        • Marilyn Manson (B1 to F#5)
        • Burton C. Bell (B1 to F#5)
        • Bono (C2 to G#5)
        • Eddie Vedder (C2 to G#5)
        • Gene Simmons (C2 to G#5)
        • Andi Deris (C2 to G#5)
        • Jari Maenpaa (C2 to G#5)
        • David Gilmour (C#2 to A5)
        • Hansi Kursch (C#2 to A5)
        • Morten Harket  (C2 to G#5)
        • James LaBrie  (D2 to Bb5)
        • Matt Barlow (D2 to Bb5)
        • Ted Neeley (D2 to Bb5)
        • Bruce Springsteen (Eb2 to B5)
        • Ronnie James Dio (Eb2 to B5)
        • Tim "Ripper" Owens (Eb2 to B5)
        • Miljenko Matijevic (Eb2 to B5)
        • Brad Delp (F#2 to D6)
        • Philip Bailey (G2 to Eb6)
        • Karen O (B2 to F#6)
        • Claire Boucher (Grimes) (D3 to Bb6)
        • Annette Olzon (D3 to Bb6)
      • 3 octaves, 4 notes
        • Mikael Akerfeldt (G1 to D5)
        • Damon Albarn (B1 to F5)
        • M. Shadows (C#2 to G#5)
        • Chris Cornell (D2 to A5)
        • Brian Johnson (D2 to A5)
        • Richard Page (D2 to A5)
        • Layne Staley (Eb2 to Bb5)
        • Tony Harnell (Eb2 to Bb5)
        • Bruce Dickinson (E2 to B5)
        • Paul Stanley (E2 to B5)
        • Geddy Lee (E2 to B5)
        • Marc Bolan (E2 to B5)
        • Graham Bonnett (F2 to C6)
        • Mark Boals  (F2 to C6)
        • Michael Mills (F2 to C6)
        • Michael Jackson (F#2 to C#6)
        • Sammy Hagar (F#2 to C#6)
        • Sarah Vaughan (G2 to D6)
        • Cedric Bixler-Zavala (G2 to D6)
        • Beyonce (A2 to E6)
        • Kate Bush (B2 to F6)
        • Cyndi Lauper (Eb3 to Bb6)
      • 3 octaves, 3-1/2 notes
        • J.D. Summer (G0 to C#4)
        • Jon Schaffer (F#1 to C5)
        • Greg Puciato (C2 to F#5)
        • Tom Jones (C#2 to G5)
        • Scott Weiland (C#2 to G5)
        • Fabio Laine (Eb2 to A5)
        • Jim Morrison (E2 to Bb5)
        • Adam Lambert (E2 to Bb5)
        • Stu Block (E2 to Bb5)
        • Billy Corgan (F#2 to C6)
        • Myles Kennedy (F#2 to C6)
        • Jimmy Gnecco (F#2 to C6)
        • Klaus Nomi (G2 to C#6)
        • PJ Harvey (A2 to Eb6)
      • 3 octaves, 3 notes
        • Josh Homme (Bb1 to Eb5)
        • Brandon Boyd (B1 to E5)
        • Iggy Pop (B1 to E5)
        • James Hetfield (C2 to F5)
        • Julian Casablancas (C#2 to F#5)
        • Joe Elliott (D2 to G5)
        • Zak Stevens (D2 to G5)
        • Nils Patrik Johansson (Eb2 to G#5)
        • Mick Jagger (E2 to A5)
        • Nina Simone (E2 to A5)
        • George Michael (E2 to A5)
        • Pharrell Williams (E2 to A5)
        • Michael Kiske (E2 to A5)
        • Tommy Giles Rogers (E2 to A5)
        • Tim Buckley (F2 to B5)
        • Brian May (F2 to B5)
        • Tori Amos (G2 to C6)
        • Corey Glover (G2 to C6)
        • Justin Hawkins (B2 to E6)
        • Miley Cyrus (B2 to E6)
        • Marcela Bovio (G#3 to F#5)
      • 3 octaves, 2-1/2 notes
        • Bob Dylan (C#2 to F5)
        • Kurt Cobain (C#2 to F5)
        • Buddy Holly (D2 to F#5)
        • Chris Martin (Eb2 to G5)
        • Paul Rodgers (E2 to G#5)
        • Chad Kroeger (E2 to G#5)
        • Robin Thicke (F2 to Bb5)
        • Justin Timberlake (F#2 to B5)
        • Jared Leto (G#2 to C6)
        • Norah Jones (A2 to C#6)
        • Chang Yu-Sheng (Bb2 to D6)
        • Kelly Clarkson (Eb3 to G6)
      • 3 octaves, 2 notes
        • Ivan Rebroff (F1 to A5)
        • Ringo Starr (C2 to E5)
        • Steve Vai (C2 to E5)
        • Todd Smith (C2 to E5)
        • Lou Reed (D2 to F5)
        • Eminem (D2 to F5)
        • Thom Yorke (E2 to G5)
        • Adam Levine (E2 to G5)
        • Huey Lewis (F2 to A5)
        • Mika (F2 to A5)
        • Aretha Franklin (G2 to B5)
        • Annie Lennox (G2 to B5)
        • Matt Bellamy (G2 to B5)
        • James Rivera (G2 to B5)
        • Michael Bolton (A2 to C6)
        • Jackie Wilson (A2 to C6)
        • Alanis Morissette (B2 to D6)
        • Grace Slick (B2 to D6)
        • Floor Jansen (D3 to F6)
        • Cher (D3 to F6)
        • Annie Haslam (E3 to G6)
      • 3 octaves, 1-1/2 notes
        • Ozzy Osbourne (Eb2 to F5)
        • Fred First (Eb2 to F5)
        • Darroh Sudderth (Eb2 to F5)
        • Simon LeBon (E2 to F#5)
        • Barry Gibb  (F2 to G#5)
        • Patrick Stump (F2 to G#5)
        • Happy Rhodes (F2 to G#5)
        • Sebastian Bach (F#2 to A5)
        • Lisa Gerrard (F#2 to A5)
        • Steve Perry (F#2 to A5)
        • Matt Tuck (F#2 to A5)
        • Joey Belladonna (G2 to Bb5)
        • Ella Fitzgerald (G#2 to B5)
        • Michael Sweet (Bb2 to C#6)
        • Rihanna (B2 to C#6)
        • Tarja Turunen (F3 to G#6)
      • 3 octaves, 1 note
        • Till Lindemann (G1 to A4)
        • Leonard Cohen (G1 to A4)
        • Dave Gahan (B1 to C5)
        • Glenn Danzig (C2 to D5)
        • Dave Grohl (D2 to E5)
        • Neil Young (E2 to F5)
        • Claudio Sanchez (E2 to F5)
        • Brian Wilson (F2 to G5)
        • Phil Collins (F2 to G5)
        • Joacim Cans (F#2 to G#5) (still being analyzed)
        • David Byron (G2 to A5)
        • Jon Anderson (G2 to A5)
        • John Arch (G2 to A5)
        • Alessandro Conti (G2 to A5)
        • Ray Charles (G#2 to Bb5)
        • Bob Marley (A2 to B5)
        • Steve Winwood (A2 to B5)
        • Ann Wilson (C3 to D6)
      • 3 octaves, 1/2 note
        • Jeremy Enigk (F2 to F#5) (still being analyzed)
        • Marc Storace (G2 to G#5) (still being analyzed)
        • Spencer Sotelo (G#2 to A5)
        • Justin Bieber (A2 to Bb5)
        • Lady Gaga (Bb2 to B5)
        • Beth Gibbons (C#3 to D6)
        • Lana Del Rey (C3 to C#6)
        • Amy Lee (Eb3 to E6)
      • 3 octaves
        • Christopher Lee (Bb1 to Bb4)
        • Billy Idol (C2 to C5)
        • Michael Hutchence (C#2 to C#5)
        • Brian Molko (D2 to D5)
        • Paul Simon (Eb2 to Eb5)
        • Roy Orbison (E2 to E5)
        • Howard Jones (Killswitch Engage) (E2 to E5)
        • Chris Jericho (G2 to G5)
        • Chester Bennington (G#2 to G#5)
        • Lorde (G#2 to G#5)
        • Chris Barretto (G#2 to G#5)
        • Janis Joplin (B2 to B5)
        • Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth (B2 to B5)
      • 2 octaves, 6-1/2 notes
        • Dave Mustaine (E2 to Eb5)
        • Taylor Hawkins (F#2 to F5)
        • Hyde. (F#2 to F5)
        • Sting (G2 to F#5)
        • John Fogerty (G2 to F#5)
        • Billy Joe Armstrong (A2 to G#5)
        • Gwen Stefani (Eb3 to D6)
        • Rod Stewart (C#3 to C6)
        • Sinead O'Connor  (A2 to G#5)
        • Bruno Mars (Bb2 to A5)
      • 2 octaves, 6 notes
        • Brent Smith (E2 to D5)
        • Steven Wilson (E2 to D5)
        • Chris Corner (F2 to E5)
        • Robin Gibb (G2 to F5)
        • John Garcia (G2 to F5)
        • Julee Cruise (A2 to G5)
        • John Lydon (A2 to G5) (analysis in progress)
        • Adrian Belew (A2 to G5) (analysis in progress)
        • Mike Pinder (A2 to G5) (analysis in progress)
        • Daniel Tompkins (A2 to G5) (analysis in progress)
        • Billy Ocean (Bb2 to G#5)
        • Joe Cocker (B2 to A5)
        • Adele (C3 to B5)
        • Dolly Parton (E3 to D6)
        • Bjork (E3 to D6)
      • 2 octaves, 5-1/2 notes
        • Johnny Cash (B1 to G#4)
        • Little Richard (F2 to Eb5)
        • Nate Ruess (G#2 to F5)
        • Z.P. Theart (Bb2 to G5)
        • Andrew Stockdale (B2 to G#5)
        • Vince Neil (C3 to Bb5)
      • 2 octaves, 5 notes
        • Michael Stipe (D2 to B4)
        • David Ruffin (E2 to C5)
        • Van Morrison (E2 to C5)
        • Chuck Berry (E2 to C5)
        • Mick Hucknall (F#2 to Eb5)
        • Art Garfunkel (G2 to E5)
        • Chris Jericho (G2 to E5)
        • John Lodge (A2 to F5)
        • Alicia Keys (Bb2 to F#5)
        • Hayley Williams (Bb2 to F#5)
        • Anneke van Giersbergen (C3 to A5)
        • Joanna Newsom (C3 to A5)
      • 2 octaves, 4-1/2 notes
        • Raine Maida (D2 to Bb4)
        • Adam Young (G2 to Eb5)
        • Damian Wilson (B2 to F#5)
        • Joni Mitchell (C#3 to A5)
        • Dusty Springfield (D3 to Bb5)
        • Katy Perry (D3 to Bb5)
      • 2 octaves, 4 notes
        • Gerard Way (G2 to D5)
        • Drake Bell (A2 to E5)
        • Jonny Craig (A2 to E5)
        • Otis Redding (B2 to F5)
        • Stevie Nicks (B2 to F5)
        • Smokey Robinson (C3 to G5)
        • Kellin Quinn (C3 to G5)
        • Whitney Houston (C#3 to G#5)
      • 2 octaves, 3-1/2 notes
        • Frank Sinatra (D2 to G#4)
        • Neil Diamond (D2 to G#4)
        • Josh Groban (F#2 to C5)
        • Meat Loaf (A2 to Eb5)
        • Ray William Johnson (C3 to F#5)
      • 2 octaves, 3 notes
        • Justin Hayward (G2 to C5)
        • Zack de la Rocha (A2 to D5)
        • Jesse Leach (A2 to D5) (analysis in progress)
        • Brian Aubert (B2 to E5)
      • 2 octaves, 2-1/2 notes
        • Jerry Lee Lewis (G#2 to C5)
        • Ricky Martin (Bb2 to D5)
        • Luciano Pavarotti (C#3 to F5)
      • 2 octaves, 2 notes
        • Jeff Magnum (G2 to B4) (analysis in progress)
        • Sam Cooke (A2 to C5)
        • Karen Carpenter (D3 to F5)
        • Loreena McKennitt (E3 to G5)
      • 2 octaves, 1-1/2 notes
        • Taylor Swift (E3 to F#5)
      • 2 octaves, 1/2 note
        • Bill Kaulitz (C3 to C#5) (analysis in progress)
      • 2 octaves
        • Skin (Deborah Dyer) (B3 to B5)
      • 1 octave, 3 notes
        • Avi Kaplan (A2 to D4) (analysis in progress)
      Have not been analyzed:

      • Christian Alvestam
      • Julie Andrews
      • Marc Anthony
      • Blixa Bargeld
      • Beck
      • Andy Bell
      • Pat Benatar
      • Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000)
      • James Blake
      • Cory Brandan
      • Sarah Brightman
      • Joseph Calleja
      • Anna Carolina
      • Tom Chaplin
      • Kristen Chenowith
      • Jarvis Church
      • Merry Clayton
      • Robert Crowe
      • Atilla Csihar
      • Lisa Dalbello
      • D'Angelo
      • Jon DeLeo
      • Marcella Detroit
      • Ryan Devlin
      • Celine Dion
      • James Euringer
      • Siobhan Fahey
      • Agnetha Faltskog
      • Feist
      • Rachel Ferrell
      • Dani Filth
      • Lisa Fischer
      • Elizabeth Fraser
      • Marta Gabriel
      • Declan Galbraith
      • Merrill Garbus
      • Sameer Ghadia
      • Jared Gomes
      • Ariana Grande
      • Steve Green
      • Emily Haines
      • Zac Hanson
      • Imogen Heap
      • Donnie Iris
      • Freddie Jackson
      • Jim James
      • Alain Johannes
      • Daniel Johns
      • Jyrki 69
      • Tom Keifer
      • Andy Kuntz
      • Patti LaBelle
      • Caroline Lavelle
      • Aaron Lewis
      • Adam Lopez
      • Patti Lupone
      • Billy MacKenzie
      • Madonna
      • Barry Manilow
      • Bobby Martin
      • Dean Martin
      • Sylvia "Skin" Massy
      • Dave Matthews
      • Maxwell
      • Sarah McLachlan
      • Roger Miller
      • Chuck Mosley
      • Peter Murphy
      • Aaron Neville
      • Harry Nilsson
      • Brandy Norwood
      • Alissa Now
      • Sally Oldfield
      • Beth Orton
      • David Pack
      • Ronan Parke
      • Paul Potts
      • Panda Bare
      • Pink
      • Josh Ramsay
      • Lou Rhodes
      • Dax Riggs
      • Jasmine Rodgers
      • Kenny Rogers
      • Linda Ronstadt
      • Gavin Rossdale
      • Mike Semesky
      • Sia
      • Sho
      • Norman Skinner
      • Martina Sorbara
      • Cat Stevens
      • Shirley Strachan
      • Barbra Streisand
      • Stumpen (Gero Ivers)
      • Lacey Sturm
      • Yma Sumac
      • Avey Tare
      • Alan Tecchio
      • Neil Tennant
      • Ray Thomas
      • Tracey Thorn
      • Mel Torme
      • Conway Twitty
      • Jimmy Urine
      • Regine Velasquez
      • Frankie Valli
      • Varg Vikemes
      • Violetta Villas
      • Tim Waurick
      • Alissa White-Gluz
      • Andrew Wood
      • Yama-B
      • Vegard Vlvisaker
      We will fully admit that there very well may be additional artists that belong on this list. We sampled a couple of hundred of names on a list that includes over 700 singers.  If any of our readers thinks we missed one of their favorites, let us know and we will add them to our list.  


      ATRAVELDIVA said…
      No Phil Collins???
      Anonymous said…
      Bjork is on the list.
      Anonymous said…
      Michael Stipe
      Anonymous said…
      Kenny Rogers
      Anonymous said…
      Can somebody please point me to where Axl Rose supposedly sings an F1? I just listened through the song that Concerthotels listed as the one where he goes that low ("There Was a Time"), and as far as I can tell he never even gets within an octave of that. Choral basses are rarely asked to go below C2. That's very, very low. This is a fifth lower than that. I don't believe Axl Rose can do it.
      Anonymous said…
      Hansi Kürsch
      Anonymous said…
      Matt Barlow
      1984 said…
      How about Andy Bell of Erasure?
      AbeЯinKuLa said…
      I am a TRP member, and I got to say that you're often mixing up the overall highest (and sometimes lowest) pitches and the highest sung/melodic notes. To start with:

      * Ville Valo's highest melodic note is a C#6, not a Bb6.
      * That's Nina HagEn, not Hagan.
      * It was decided by us TRP members that the actual lowest note for Mariah Carey is a G#2 (most profiles are actually outdated).
      * Roger Waters top notes weren't marked as non-sung notes (we use italics for notes that aren't part of melody lines, like screams, exclamations or spoken notes), IIRC correctly his highest sung note is an A5 (we should verify that first).
      * King Diamond's lowest melodic note is an A1. The E1 is a spoken note.
      * Siouxsie Sioux highest melodic note is a F6. Lowest melodic note is an A2.
      * Jim's Gillette G1 is actually a G2. Lowest note is a C2.
      * Tom Araya's lowest melodic note is a C#2.
      * Matt Bellamy's melodic vocal range is actually G2-B5 (the E2 is an inside joke of TRP members,)
      * Stevie Wonder's highest melodic note is a C6.
      * Ian Gillan's lowest melodic note is a D2.

      I will keep pointing mistakes later.
      VVN Network said…
      AbeЯinKuLa (yes, I had to copy and paste because I'm not sure how you turn letters around),

      Thank you so much for the corrections. I have made them on the list.

      ...and thank you and all of your cohorts at The Range Place for all of the great work you have done.
      AbeЯinKuLa said…
      You are welcome. I will keep posting some corrections as I'm able to get them

      * Brian Johnson - D2-A5
      * Paul McCartney - B2-F6
      * Tim Ripper Owens - Eb2-B5
      * Eric Adams C2-B5
      * Richard Page D2-A5
      * Thom Yorke E2-G5
      * Elvis Presley - G1-A5
      * John Lennon - C2-B5
      * Russel Allen - G#1-F5
      * Bono - C2-G#5
      * Tim Buckley - F2-B5
      * Steve Winwood - A2-B5
      * Buddy Holly - D2-F#5
      * Robert Plant - E2-C#6
      Unknown said…
      This comment has been removed by the author.
      Unknown said…
      Jack Blacks B7 isn't sung.
      Unknown said…
      Aberinkula, Macca has an A1
      AbeЯinKuLa said…
      Yeah, my mistake, should be A1-F6 for Macca. Also, if you're getting that range from Matt Tuck from TRP, I think the lowest pitches from that page are one octave lower. So, I think that it would be F#2-A5 then.
      VVN Network said…
      Once again, thank you so much to both of you now commenting from the group. From what you are telling me and referencing the individual pages, I'm starting to truly understand how the system works and will strive for better accuracy.

      How often is new information added to these pages? I assume if there are changes from a new release but at any other time?
      Unknown said…
      Well, it depends. Some users update the first post in threads by posting an update of it later in the thread, and when they are done, asking the moderators to update the first post in the thread. Some of the time, there isn't enough interest of particular vocalists on the forum for their thread to be updated.
      Generally, on the forum, threads that haven't been updated since 2012 and most of 2013 are considered old and in need of update not only because they usually lack information but because of the fact that they try to separate "modal" and "non-modal" which has proven to be futile, as its seen in all the debates you can read in the website.

      Also, if a "range-expanding" note is discovered, the moderators will usually update the first posts in threads by adding it.
      Unknown said…
      Use the singer index if you aren't already.
      This provides links to most threads.
      Unknown said…
      I should add that thread owners who are still active usually update their threads if they or someone else finds notes. There are exceptions however because some thread makers may not actually be "notewatching" if they have a lot of threads or just don't care about the threads, and also because new notes just aren't found by other users.
      Anonymous said…
      Where does Andrew Stockdale fit into this?
      Anonymous said…
      "2 octaves, 2 notes: Matt Bellamy (G2 to B5)", once again getting your octaves wrong. G2-G3-G4-G5-B5, that's +three octaves
      Unknown said…
      Annie Haslam should be near the top of that list.
      Anonymous said…
      Anonymous said…
      Tiny Tim's range destroys them all
      Anonymous said…
      You need to add Yma Sumac and Ella Fitzgerald.
      Pambh said…
      George Michael
      Anonymous said…
      How can you leave the big O, Roy Orbison, out of this group?
      Anonymous said…
      Nina Hagen goes higher
      Unknown said…
      Phil Anselmos lowest melodic note is A1.
      So 4 octaves and 1/2 a note for him
      Unknown said…
      The list still missing: Maynard, Buckley, and Cornell
      Unknown said…
      Corey Taylor - Eb1-C7
      5 octaves and 5½ notes for him.
      Jack Black - A1-G5
      3 octaves and 6 notes for him.
      Billy Gibbons - G1-Bb5
      4 octaves and 1½ notes for him.
      Chad Kroeger - E2-G#5
      3 octaves and 2½ notes for him.
      Chester Bennington - G#2-G#5 (first post doesn't list his highest sung note but the updated post on page 33 does)
      3 octaves for him.
      Amy Lee - Eb3-E6
      3 octaves and ½ a note for her.
      Kyo - F#1-E6
      4 octaves 5½ notes for him.
      Chang Yu-Sheng - Bb2-D6
      3 octaves and 2½ notes for him.
      Vita's - D2-E6
      4 octaves and one note.
      Sean Peck (still being researched) - G1-Eb6
      4 octaves 4½ notes for him.
      Chris Jericho - G2-G5
      3 octaves.
      PelleK - D2-C6
      3 octaves and 6 notes.
      Ringo Starr - C2-E5
      3 octaves and 2 notes.
      Paul Stanley - E2-B5
      3 octaves and 4 notes.
      Gene Simmons - C2-G#5
      3 octaves 4½ notes.
      Dan Swano - D1-A5
      5 octaves 4 notes.
      Tim Foust - Eb1-G#5
      5 octaves 3 notes. Hmmm, this guys C1 could be counted as sung. If it even is a C1, and is not a couple of milliseconds.
      JD Summer - G0-C#4 (ignore the F4, its a terrible note
      3 octaves, 3½ notes.
      Steve Vai - C2-E5
      3 octaves and 2 notes.
      James Hetfield - C2-F5
      3 octaves, 3 notes.
      Trent Reznor - C#2-C6
      3 octaves, 6½ notes.
      Kellin Quinn - C3-G5
      3 octaves, 4 notes.
      Ozzy Osbourne - Eb2-F5
      3 octaves, 1½ notes.
      Anthony Keidis - G1-A5
      4 octaves, 1 note.
      Nils K. Rue - D2-C6
      3 octaves, 6 notes.
      Nils Frykdahl - A1-A5
      4 octaves
      Drake Bell - A2-E5
      2 octaves, 4 notes.
      Justin Timberlake - F#2-B5
      3 octaves, 2½ notes.
      Mikael Akerfeldt - G1-D5
      3 octaves, 4 notes.
      David Draiman - Bb1-B5
      4 octaves, ½ note
      Ray William Johnson - C3-F#5
      2 octaves,3½ notes.
      Ted Neeley - D2-Bb5
      3 octaves, 4½ notes.
      Serj Tankian - D2-E6
      4 octaves, 1 note.
      Tom Jones - C#2-G5
      3 octaves 3½ notes.
      Rance Allen - F2-D6
      3 octaves 5 notes.
      Tay Zonday - Bb1-F5
      3 octaves 4½ notes.
      Stevie Wonder - E2-C6
      3 octaves 5 notes.
      Luciano Pavarotti - C#3-F5
      2 octaves, 2½ notes.
      Pharrel Williams - E2-A5
      3 octaves, 3 notes.
      Ken Tamplin - G1-Bb5
      4 octaves,1½ notes.
      Fred First - Eb2-F5
      3 octaves 1½ notes.
      Meat Loaf - A2-Eb5
      2 octaves 3½ notes.
      Hayley Williams - Bb2-F#5
      2 octaves 5 notes.
      Gerard Way - G2-D5
      2 octaves 4 nG2-D5
      Lana Del Rey - C3-C#6
      3 octaves, ½ notes
      Marylin Manson - B1-F#5
      3 octaves, 4½ notes.
      Frank Sinatra - D2-G#4
      2 octaves, 3½ notes.
      I may have included some already put up here; sorry.
      Anonymous said…
      Guinness says the world record holder for range is Tim Storms with 10 octaves. And the lowest note ever sung.
      Unknown said…
      They are on the list at 4 octives
      Unknown said…
      Sorry Cornell is 3 octives 3 notes
      Unknown said…
      I see Cornell on the list 3 octives 4 notes
      Anonymous said…
      No it isn't, the list include all three. Try again.
      Anonymous said…
      Jimmy Gnecco from Ours?
      Luce Cannon said…
      I would be curious to find out where Peter Steele (Type O Negative) and Simon Le Bon (Duran Duran) would fall onto the list.
      Anonymous said…
      What about Sinatra, Martin, Torme, Manilow?
      Anonymous said…
      Anonymous said…
      Anonymous said…
      Harry Nilsson
      Anonymous said…
      No Brad Delp eh?

      Pgh guy said…
      I'm calling BS on this whole story. People that write stories like this are usually not musically educated. For all of you who aren't musically educated, here is the break down: For a singer to have a 6 + octave vocal range, he or she would have to sing every note playable on a bass guitar, PLUS every single note playable on a standard 6-string guitar (some of the range does overlap), PLUS another 14 semitones higher than the highest note on a standard electric guitar. TOTAL BS. That is only about one octave away from being able to sing EVERY single note on a GRAND PIANO, which is typically 7 octaves plus a minor 3rd. TOTAL BS. I would love to have anyone show me where these singers even come CLOSE to that range. I'd even be surprised if they are even within 2 octaves of the listed ranges. That would still mean that they are capable of singing every single note playable on a standard 6-string electric guitar. TOTAL BS
      Kris said…
      What about Ted Neeley? :D
      Unknown said…
      Glen Danzig, Alissa White-Gluz, both deserve to be assessed for this list.
      Anonymous said…
      I would be interested in finding out about Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys) and Andy Bell (Erasure). I'm convinced that Andy, in particular, is some kind of vocal mutant.
      Anonymous said…
      Of the highest vocal ranges the only one real is Mariah Carey's
      Her low notes are not reached by vocal fry like ALL the other singers hiting lower than an A2 which DO NOT COUNT, yes VOCAL FRY is not considered as part of the vocla range since EVERYONE can do it, if Mariah uses that i'm sure she would have 6 octaves.
      Axl Rose real range is 3 octaves, those vocal fry notes and screamed falsetto are not part of the vocal range, i dont even mention Mike Patton half of his range are falsetto, exclamations and vocal fry, Prince hit a pretty good B6 but just did it in studio and once, so who can guess how much effort he did, Christina hit a C#7 magicly cuz it sounds like a synthetizer and didnt hit that note live, so my veredict is that Mariah's vocal range is the widest by these reasons.
      Anonymous said…

      So minues half of the vocal ranges of 98% of the top 10 "widest" vocal ranges.
      The only one capable to hit every single note is Mariah Carey and is the only one who hits them live and very often.
      Barbara Streisand, Maxwell, Michael Jackson, Freddie Jackson, Sia, George Michael, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony
      Nik Wolinski said…
      Not necessarily saying they have monster range, but I'd be curious to see where Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Adrian Belew of King Crimson, and Tommy Rogers of Between the Buried and Me.
      Anonymous said…
      Why wouldn't falsetto count? And why do you seem to count Mariah Carey's whistle? Because if you're just counting live consistency, there are loads of singers who are capable of singing live, Mike Patton included.
      Anonymous said…
      why not just check the site where all of this info is taken from? They have most of the singers you mention included.
      Anonymous said…
      if you think all singers going below A2 are using vocal fry, you are clueless, sadly. If you want one single example, there you go. Are you gonna tell me every single low note in that video is fry?
      Anonymous said…
      please check out the vocal ranges of Barbra Streisand and from the Philippines - Regine Velasquez. thanks.
      Anonymous said…
      I'm just glad he's there at all. And someone else shares that love.
      James said…
      I don't thinkanyone's mentioned Sally Oldfield yet, whose ranges stretches nearly two and a half octaves *on the song Mandala alone*, which definitely doesn't reack as high as she's able to reach. She'd easily have a 3+ octave range. It'll be interesting to see whereabouts Pat Benatar's range sits after it's been analysed too - her range is very impressive.
      Unknown said…
      Here is a comment from Daniel Gildenlöw on facebook:
      "There are different ways to name the different octaves (and I suspect that this has screwed up the list), but as a comparison, my recorded range is from the G almost one octave below the standard guitar, up to the highest B you can reach on an electric guitar (but I've been a few notes higher than that off album recordings). That's full voice, by the way. Not screams, harmonic overnotes or falsetto. For whatever it's worth."
      Anonymous said…
      Tori Amos?
      Unknown said…
      Axl uses head voice for his highest non whistle notes, just like Mike Patton, Warrel Dane and everyone else.
      If its sung, it counts (in my opinion). And yes, Patton really has demonstrated 6 octaves that are sung.
      Unknown said…
      And also, it's quite difficult to separate "full-voice" notes from other ones because of how well people can make them sound like each other.
      Anonymous said…
      Michael Sweet of Stryper?
      Unknown said…
      Though a bit more obscure, I'm surprised see Klaus Nomi missing from the list, with an impressive range of G2-C♯6.
      Anonymous said…
      Donnie Iris
      Unknown said…
      Very glad to see Todd Smith from Dog Fashion Disco / Polkadot Cadaver / El-Creepo! / Knives Out! / and The Alter Boys, on the list. My personal favorite singer.
      Unknown said…
      Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco, and Matt Bellamy of Muse,and Nate Ruess of Fun.
      Unknown said…
      Lisa Gerrard from Dead can Dance on here!
      Also Brian Molko from Placebo or Chris Corner from IAMX (especially in his song Screams).
      Anonymous said…
      Do you have a link to that? Would be interesting to see.
      P13 said…
      I think Corey Taylor and Tarja Turunen should definitely be there...
      (on a side note, I'd bet Brazilian singer Xororó would make it's way into the upper part of the list too)
      Anonymous said…
      Bieber please!
      Anonymous said…
      What about Paul Stanley?
      Anonymous said…
      Just out of curiosity:

      Bill Kaulitz
      Ronan Parke
      Declan Galbraith
      Ana Carolina (brazilian)
      Sandy (brazilian)
      Anonymous said…
      I know he wouldn't have the greatest range but really curious where R&B artist Maxwell would fall in this list.
      Anonymous said…
      I saw a comparison of him and Brandon boyd of incubus doing covers and Chris cornell blew him away which I was surprised at first but after hearing him live I was impressed
      Anonymous said…
      How can it be that singers like Rihanna and Katy Perry have more range than Bellamy? Really?
      Unknown said…
      I'm just happy they included Ville Valo :)
      Unknown said…
      I'm just happy they included Ville Valo :)
      Anonymous said…
      Patrick Stump needs to be up there for sure! If I remember right he has like a 3 octaves or so range.
      Anonymous said…
      I'd like to see Julian Casablancas analyzed!
      Anonymous said…
      Queensryche vocalist Geoff Tate (in his prime). Boasted an 8 octave voice in / around the Operation Mindcrime album.
      VVN Network said…
      We've now updated with all of your suggestions (make sure to check the unanalyzed list at the bottom if you don't see your request on the list).

      Many thanks to the users at The Range Place who have added, corrected and explained.
      VVN Network said…
      We've now updated with all of your suggestions (make sure to check the unanalyzed list at the bottom if you don't see your request on the list).

      Many thanks to the users at The Range Place who have added, corrected and explained.
      Unknown said…
      Steve Walsh of Kansas, Jon Anderson of Yes, Marc Martel (Downhere, Queen Extravaganza)
      Anonymous said…
      This list is wrong. Mariah Carey has a 5.2 octave range (and one semitone). Do your correct research.
      Anonymous said…
      Mariah Carey correct full range: B2-G#7
      (there are videos of her hitting each of those notes)
      Unknown said…
      Geddy Lee. He doesn't have the range he used to, but can still hit some of them high notes!
      Anonymous said…
      Mariah Carey's vocal range on Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse: G#2-G#7
      Mariah Carey's Full vocal range: E2-G#7
      Unknown said…
      Unless I missed them, you need to analyze the following: Morrissey, Frank Black, PJ Harvey, David Bowie, Feist, Billy Corgan, Ian Curtis, Marilyn Manson, Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher, Bono, Bryan Ferry, Brett Anderson (Suede), Neko Case, members of The Band, Jack Black (Tenacious D), Tunde Adebimpe (TV On the Radio), Tom Waits, Shannon Hoon (Blind Melon).
      Unknown said…
      Dave Grohl of the Foo fighters should most definitely be looked at. He has an interesting range and has massive impact on the musical community over the last 20 years.
      Anonymous said…
      Falsetto screamed notes hold less than 1 second do not count, mike patton must have about 2 vocal range wide including Axl Rose, it'0s not headvoice, they use falsetto, falsetto as its name says it's a "false" note, guys please research a little more.
      Doug said…
      Ian Thornley of Big Wreck and Thornley
      Unknown said…
      Peter Steele is on there twice
      anna banana said…
      Where is Billy Joel? He did all the vocal parts on " the longest time". ALL OF THEM! How many octaves are in that song alone?
      Belize Tattoo said…
      Peter Steele twice on 2 different ranks with the same vocal range listed. Layne Staley with same vocal range as ripper Owens and RJD but listed on a different group....something does not seem right here
      lLIKE POTATOES said…
      Devin Townsend can get to F7.

      "Be still my bleeding heart".

      Go listen.
      VVN Network said…
      Added Billy Joel.

      Removed duplicate Peter Steele.

      Layne Staley does not have the same range as Owens and Dio. Staley is Eb2 to Bb5 where Owens and Dio are Eb2 to B5, a half note wider.

      According to The Range Place, Townsend's F7 on Be Still My Bleeding Heart is, most likely, non-modal and is outside of his true range.
      Unknown said…
      **Not sung
      Pretty much everything above Eb6 is considered 'non modal'
      Unknown said…
      Where's Robert Smith?
      Anonymous said…
      What about the Moody Blues singers - Justin Hayward, John Lodge, Mike Pinder, and Ray Thomas?
      Anonymous said…
      Mick Hucknall?
      Anonymous said…
      Where are Glenn Hughes, Ronnie James Dio and Graham Bonnet?
      Anonymous said…
      There is no definitive meaning for head voice, and the definition changes depending on which vocal coach you ask. Most of the "facts" about what head voice is has even been proven wrong, for example the RockTheStage NYC guy. So that you claim to have knowledge of what head voice is just proves that you haven't done your own research. It's a meaningless term.

      Furthermore, no one has claimed that any notes are head voice or falsetto. They count sung notes equally, and that includes whistle. Not to mention that you just said "mike patton must have about 2 vocal range wide", what are you even on about?
      Anonymous said…
      Just check the website therangeplace where all of this info is from. They have threads for most of the singers you mentioned.
      Anonymous said…
      If you'd actually want to know you could have just checked the sources for this article, which states exactly in which song every note is hit, and it's often done by people who ARE musically educated. Stop asking other people to do the work for you.
      Anonymous said…
      List fails without Conway Twitty.
      Anonymous said…
      You should analyze definetly Happy Rhodes! She´s got quite a range
      Anonymous said…
      'Jose Jose'
      'Michael Jackson'

      Anonymous said…
      Kellin Quinn (C3 to G5)

      I know you got fooled by a commenter this time, but that is NOT over three octaves. C3-C6 is three octaves.
      Catherine said…
      I'm surprised Tom Chaplin of Keane isn't on this list. He's an amazing vocalist and seems to have quite a range.

      Same goes for Sameer Ghadia from Young the Giant.

      Can you research these two please?
      Anonymous said…
      Lacey sturm (mosley) from Flyleaf
      Anonymous said…
      Tony Kakko?
      Anonymous said…
      Hansi Kursch, Fabio Lione, Matthew Barlow, Daniel Heiman
      Anonymous said…
      No Sammy Hagar or Jon Anderson. List invalid.
      Scott Crawford said…
      Happy Rhodes.

      Get on it.

      Lisa Dalbello's probably an interesting one, too, as is Lene Lovich.
      Unknown said…
      Unknown said…
      Siobhan Fahey, Shakespeare's Sister.
      Unknown said…
      Simon Le Bon, Matt Bellamy, Jeff Buckley
      Anonymous said…
      If someone seriously thinks that Paul McCartney has a greater range than Halford or Tate or Matejevic, they are high. Or tone deaf.
      CR said…
      What about Josh Groben. Or from a different musical genre,(christian) Steve Green.
      Unknown said…
      He has demonstrated that he has. Even without it, he still has a wider range than the three vocalists you mentioned. This doesnt necessarily mean he is a better singer (although I like his voice better than the three others you mentioned).
      Anonymous said…

      whether the above can be trusted or not, Gwen Stefani has a range of note. be nice to see her in the list.
      Unknown said…
      Chris Jericho??? No Billy Corgan, Emily Haines or Vince Neil.
      Anonymous said…
      Jim James from My Morning Jacket?
      Anonymous said…
      Roger Miller, Jackie Wilson, and Harry Nilsson would be interesting. Johnny Cash said Miller had the best baritone in country other than his own.
      Anonymous said…
      Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria, perhaps?
      Unknown said…
      Andre Benjamin, Scott Weiland, Martina Sorbara, Anthony Kiedis,Beck Hanson, Cat Stevens, Brian Aubert, Dave Mustaine,Joe Elliott, Rob Zombie, Michael Hutchence, Adam Young,Zach Dela Rocha,D'Angelo. Im sure some of these are on the list and I've missed them.
      Anonymous said…
      Morten Harket from A-ha. He can hold that falsetto ridiculously long, but what is his range?
      Anonymous said…
      Why is Rob Halford not on this list.
      Anonymous said…
      Hyde, the lead singer of L'Arc~en~Ciel should be on this list.
      Anonymous said…
      why does no one realize this is about RANGE? not who sings the highest.

      Till from Rammstein? Layne Staley? really? dummies.
      Anonymous said…
      How about Kevin Barnes from of Montreal. He's got to be up there. He has an amazing range.
      Unknown said…
      Where's Morten Harket
      Anonymous said…
      What about Jeremy Enigk from Sunny Day Real Estate?
      Anonymous said…
      Anneke van Giersbergen should be on that list as well..
      Anonymous said…
      Dude, these were the first two names I looked for! Where. Are. They?
      Unknown said…
      What about Grimes aka Claire Boucher?
      G. M. Palmer said…
      Are you guys sure the difference between the lowest note of REM's "Low" and the falsetto of "The Sidewinder Sleeps" is only a couple of octaves?
      Unknown said…
      Ville Valo♥
      D.T. Dodge said…
      To me this just seems to be showing how little this means when judging vocal quality. It might show something about their ability, but I bet it has as much to do with certain artists having the good sense to know when to refrain.
      Unknown said…
      Anonymous said…
      Ville Valo has the most beautiful voice to me... So deep and soothing
      Sofie said…
      Yma Sumac is probably making it up to the top 3. Also PJ Harvey was missing in the list. She has a pretty impressing voice range too.
      Heather said…
      I have to throw in Gwen Stefani. Where would she place in this analysis? I can send some good examples of her range. And, I love Mike Patton!
      Anonymous said…
      Michael Kiske and Tobias Sammet?
      Unknown said…
      Surely Patrick Stump's must be higher than 3? Is this taking into consideration his solo work? Because he has a lot better voice in his solo work than in his Fall Out Boy work.

      Also, Jonny Craig would be interesting to look into.
      Anonymous said…
      James euringer or little jimmy urine of mindless self indulgence has quite the range.
      Anonymous said…
      Please add jimmy urine from mindless self indulgence!
      K said…
      Dave Grohl?
      Anonymous said…
      Anonymous said…
      Kate Bush
      Anonymous said…
      Kate Bush
      Anonymous said…
      Jonathan Davis!
      Anonymous said…
      Jonathan Davis
      Eazy said…
      Listen to Alan Tecchio ( Watchtower, Hades, Non- Fiction, Autumn Hour) and Eric Nally (Foxy Shazam).
      Anonymous said…
      Lunarsight said…
      It would be interesting to see where John Arch [ex-Fates Warning] lies in terms of his singing range. He could hit some insanely high notes in his prime. Also, what about Jon Oliva from Savatage?
      Nuno Russo said…
      Where's Matt Bellamy?
      Anonymous said…
      Needs Alessandro Conti, Fabio Lione, Micheal Kiske, ZP Theart, Norman Skinner, Christopher Lee, Jorn Lande, Jon Oliva and Zak Stevens
      Anonymous said…
      add Myles Kennedy to the 4 Octaves
      Anonymous said…
      What about The Commander in Chief? She is five or sic octaves!
      Mike said…
      Tony Harnell and Miljenko Matijevic?
      Anonymous said…
      Michael Kiske
      Andi Deris
      Joacim Cans
      Stu Block
      Jon Schaffer
      Marta Gabriel
      James Riviera
      Kai Hansen
      Dave Mustaine
      Nils Patrik Johansson
      elwing said…
      I wonder how would Jeff Magnum measure.
      Unknown said…
      Anonymous said…
      I am curious where Michael Kiske would be on this list. Also Mark Boals though he may be somewhere on there(just surprised as he always seemed to have a monster range
      krigsvinter said…
      What about Michael Kiske?
      Ben said…
      Check out Taylor Hawkins B2-F5

      And Chris Corner from IAMX F2-E5
      Anonymous said…
      Merrill Garbus from Tune-Yards! She has a very interesting voice :)
      Anonymous said…
      Where is Dug Pinnick of King's X?
      Marcelo said…
      I think should be analyzed Jorn Lande, cause he is a great singer
      Anonymous said…
      Andy Kuntz of Vanden Plas should be here.
      Anonymous said…
      Daniel Heiman from Swedish Powermetal band LOST HORIZON literally smokes every vocalist on this list.
      Unknown said…
      Rob Halford???
      Unknown said…
      Scott Weiland

      He was/is crazy, and never lived up to his talent, but he's known as "The Chameleon" for a reason. Dude can sing anything.
      RETINAL CIRCUS said…
      To be more than totally fair here - BJORK has six octaves! WHY IS SHE MISSING? ESPECIALLY when on the Range site it is stated she can reach a high C7 meaning she has AT LEAST six octaves.

      Need any evidence? OK!

      Sung Vocal Range: E3-D6
      Total Vocal Range: E3-E7
      Voice Type: Soprano

      Significant High Notes:
      E7 ("It's Oh So Quiet" live)
      D7 ("Bachelorette" Live Voltaic)
      Anonymous said…
      Interesting list of fine singers. Please don't forget to add Happy Rhodes to the list.
      Unknown said…
      And where is Mr. Roy Khan?!
      johnniepop said…
      I didn't see Ihsahn of Emperor in the list.
      Anonymous said…
      Bobby blitz of overkill!
      Anonymous said…
      really??? freddie mercury has less range than phil anselmo??? who does this???
      Unknown said…
      What about Happy Rhodes? It says on Wikipedia that she has a four-octave vocal range. If not just a listen to hear her amazing work. :)
      Anonymous said…
      where is bruse dickinson and james labrie????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
      Anonymous said…
      Chris Cornell & Layne Staley
      Layne Staley & Chris Cornell
      Anonymous said…
      Why aren't
      Esthero, Imogen Heap, Tracey Thorn (Everything But The Girl, Massive Attack), Jasmine Rodgers (Boa), Chino Moreno (Deftones, Team Sleep), Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots), Jeremy Enigk (Sunny Day Real Estate, The Fire Theft), Beth Gibbons (Portishead), Leslie Feist (Feist, Broken Social Scene, Royal City), Lou Rhodes (Lamb), Beth Orton, Caroline Lavelle, Loreena McKennitt, Dave Matthews (Dave Matthews Band)
      ...on this list?
      Unknown said…
      Some suggestions:
      -Brian May
      -Roger Taylor
      -Attila Csihar
      -Varg Vikernes
      -Steve Wilson
      -Joseph Calleja
      -Marc Storace
      Jess said…
      Joanna Newsom
      John Garcia
      Alain Johannes
      El inventor said…
      You need to check Michael Mills from Toehider (or Ayreon)
      Unknown said…
      Corey Glover (Living Colour)
      Unknown said…
      So many missing from the list but Corey Glover (Living Colour) should definitely be there.
      Unknown said…
      Please add Mikael Åkerfeldt and Christian Älvestam.
      Anonymous said…
      Add jari maenpaa to the list!!!
      Unknown said…
      Myles Kennedy has a higher range than you list. Summergirl by Mayfield Four is the highest I've heard him go personally. Amazing artist.
      Marleen said…
      Yeah right, Diamanda Galás on 3...
      Anonymous said…
      Mike Patton no1 :-) but Greg Puciato from the Dillinger escape plan and Corey Glover from Living Colour would make deserved additions ♥
      Anonymous said…
      Leonard Cohen
      Anonymous said…
      Rody Walker
      Mike Semesky
      Spencer Sotelo
      Chris Baretto
      Ryan Devlin
      Daniel Tompkins

      Unknown said…
      I'd like to see Graham Bonnet on this list.
      Unknown said…
      This comment has been removed by the author.
      Anonymous said…
      Please add:
      Jorn Lande
      Sylvia (Skin) Massy
      Anette Olzon
      Anneke van Giersbergen
      Marcela Bovio