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Buffalo Group Urges Bars and Businesses to Boycott the Music of Bon Jovi

Since VVN Music is published just down the road from the long suffering home of the Buffalo Bills, it is understandable that we are feeling the pain from the loss of owner Ralph Wilson and the feeding frenzy that is occurring with prospective buyers for the team.

One of those buyers is Jon Bon Jovi, part of a group of investors that wants to buy the bills and move them to Toronto. That news has not set well with a group called 12th Man Thunder who is urging bar owners and businesses in the Buffalo area to boycott Bon Jovi music.

The founders of the group, Charles Pellien, Paul Roorda, Charles Sonntag III and Anthony Lynch, formed the group to "give Buffalo Bills fans a voice during the sale of the franchise, to support ownership groups committed to keeping our team in WNY [Western New York] and to unite the various fan groups for our common cause."

Part of that cause is to get bars and nightclubs to not feature Bon Jovi's music on their jukebox, allow performances of their songs by live bands or allow DJs to include the band's music in sets. In addition, they are looking for businesses to ban all Bon Jovi music and merchandise from their premises. So far, 68 businesses have agreed to the ban.

The group has also designed a sign for the businesses to use in their support of the ban.
For those interested in signing the 12th Man Thunder petition to keep the Bills in Buffalo, go to