Preview: Now: Chicago XXXVI - Chicago

Artist: Chicago
Title: Now: Chicago XXXVI
Release Date: July 4, 2014
Label: Rhino
Format(s): CD, CD/MP3 DD, CD/High Quality DD

Chicago are back on July 4 with their 36th official album, Now: Chicago XXXVI.

The preview of each of the songs on the album (below) shows a band that remains true to their original sound, producing one of the most cohesive albums of their last couple of decades. Perhaps it is the atmosphere of their new recording technique.

Trumpet player and original band member Lee Loughnane created a new recording system, dubbed "The Rig", which allowed the band to record their parts whenever they were available and wherever they were. Now was recorded mostly in hotel rooms while the band was on tour in places like Nashville, Cleveland, Toledo and other cities.

The album also took the unique approach of having the writer of each of the songs become its "supervising producer" with Hank Linderman overseeing the whole project as "coordinating producer".

The album is being released in a number of formats including CD, CD with code for an MP3 download, CD with a code for a high quality download (FLAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC) and a deluxe package with the CD, T-Shirt, Poster, Coffee Mug and a high quality download.

Here is a short electronic press kit (EPK) for the album and a one-minute preview of each of the album's songs.

Track List:
  • Now
  • More Will Be Revealed
  • America
  • Crazy Happy
  • Free At Last
  • Love Lives On
  • Something's Coming, I Know
  • Watching All the Colos
  • Nice Girl
  • Naked in the Garden of Allah
  • Another Trippy Day

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