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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Responds to KISS Criticism

Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have been very vocal in the last few weeks about the exclusion of all other members of KISS beyond themselves, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley from being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The KISS members have pointed out that, many times, members from throughout a band's history have been inducted and, in the case of the Grateful Dead, even a non-performing songwriter (Robert Hunter).

Today, in an article published by Billboard, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation CEO Joel Peresman responded to the criticism, saying that part of the determination is based on the artist's history. "This isn't chemistry or physics; it's not an exact science. Sometimes there's an entire body of work up until (the artists) are inducted, other times it's a specific period of time that established the band as who they are. With Kiss there wasn't one person here who didn't agree that the reason Kiss was nominated and is being inducted was because of what was established in the 70s with Ace, with Peter, with Paul and Gene. That's what put them on that map."

Peresman also stated that other members of the band, including current members Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer, took on the comic persona started by Criss and Frehley (note that this is not specifically true as each new member created their own character). He also pointed out that last year, only the original Heart band was inducted and not the musicians who joined later.

For more information on the controversy, go to Billboard.