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James Williamson Re-Recording Rare Stooges Songs For New Album

by Paul Cashmere

Iggy & The Stooges guitarist James Williamson has re-recorded some rare 70's Stooges song for the new album Re-Licked.

Two songs, Open Up and Bleed and Gimme Some Skin, feature The Stooges live touring version with Texas blues singer and guitarist Carolyn Wonderland on vocals as well as Steve Mackay, Mike Watt and Toby Dammit. A limited edition 7 inch vinyl of the tracks will be released for record Store Day in April.

The single is a sampler of Williamson’s upcoming studio album, Re-Licked, a reinvention of some of the lesser-known Stooges songs.

Songs such as I Gotta Right, Rubber Legs, She Creatures of the Hollywood Hills, Wild Love and others have been remade with vocalists such as Jello Biafra, Mark Lanegan, Ariel Pink, Lisa Kekuala (The BellRays) and others to be announced soon.

The live touring band recorded the songs earlier this year while on a break. All of the songs were written by Iggy Pop and James Williamson in 1973/1974 but were unreleased as The Stooges didn’t have a record deal at the time.

Record Store Day is April 19, 2014.