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Preview: The Essential Eric Carmen

Artist: Eric Carmen
Title: The Essential Eric Carmen
Release Date: March 25, 2014
Label: Arista / Legacy Records
Format(s): 2-CDs, DD

Arista/Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, has announced the release of The Essential Eric Carmen, a 30-track retrospective of the legendary singer/songwriter's four-and-a-half decade career. The two-disc set arrives in stores on March 25.

The set collects music from throughout Carmen's career, including one track with his early band Cyrus Erie, five with the Raspberries and a new track, Brand New Year, which is Carmen's first new recording in fifteen years.

Carmen said of the set "It would be a mistake to think of this release as just another compilation. I can tell you that you have never really heard most of these songs until you've heard them on this package. It is the closest to what I envisioned for most of these 30 tracks that I have ever experienced."

The Essential Eric Carmen compilation was produced by Legacy Recordings' Timothy J. Smith and overseen and advised by Eric Carmen, who also contributed original liner notes.

Track List:

Disc One
  • Get The Message (Cyrus Erie single, 1967)
  • Go All The Way (from the Raspberries' Raspberries, 1972)
  • I Wanna Be With You (from the Raspberries' Fresh, 1972)
  • Let's Pretend (from the Raspberries' Raspberries, 1972)
  • Tonight (from the Raspberries' Side 3, 1973)
  • Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) (from the Raspberries' Starting Over, 1974)
  • Sunrise (from Eric Carmen, 1975)
  • My Girl (from Eric Carmen, 1975)
  • All By Myself (from Eric Carmen, 1975)
  • Never Gonna Fall In Love Again (from Eric Carmen, 1975)
  • Last Night (from Eric Carmen, 1975)
  • Starting Over (Live 1976)
  • That's Rock N' Roll (Live 1976)
  • Runaway (from Boats Against the Current, 1977)
  • Love Is All That Matters (from Boats Against the Current, 1977)
Disc Two
  • Boats Against The Current (from Boats Against the Current, 1977)
  • Marathon Man (from Boats Against the Current, 1977)
  • She Did It (from Boats Against the Current, 1977)
  • Nowhere To Hide (from Boats Against the Current, 1977)
  • Change Of Heart (from Change of Heart, 1978)
  • Hey Deanie (from Change of Heart, 1978)
  • Desperate Fools (from Change of Heart, 1978)
  • Someday (from Change of Heart, 1978)
  • It Hurts Too Much (from Tonight You're Mine, 1980)
  • Tonight You're Mine (from Tonight You're Mine, 1980)
  • The Way We Used To Be (from Eric Carmen, 1984)
  • Hungry Eyes (from the soundtrack of Dirty Dancing, 1987)
  • Make Me Lose Control (single, 1988)
  • Ecstasy (Live 2005) (w/Raspberries)
  • Brand New Year (new recording, 2014)