Preview: The Anthology - Belinda Carlisle (3-CDs/2-DVDs)

Artist: Belinda Carlisle
Title: The Anthology
Release Date: March 17, 2014
Label: Demon UK
Format(s): 3-CDs/2-DVDs, DD

Foreign record companies release the best sets. Case in point, a brand new solo career retrospective for ex-Go-Go Belinda Carlisle. Demon UK's The Anthology includes three CDs of music plus two DVDs of video and will be out March 17.

Discs 1 and 2 collect Carlisle's singles, including such hits as Heaven is a Place on Earth, I Get Weak, Mad About You and Circle in the Sand. Disc 3 has five rarities along with Live in Tokyo 2013, a fourteen song performance that combines her biggest solo hits with songs from the Go-Go's era.

DVD 1 is a collection of 28 videos made for her catalog while DVD 2 includes thirteen performances on the BBC, an Electronic Press Kit for Place on Earth: Greatest Hits and three TV ads.

The set is packaged in a 12" x 12" photo book with new sleeve notes by Justin Kantor.

The Demon Music Group reacted to the missing track In Your Wildest Dreams with the following note:
The ‘rarities’ listed represent the tracks that our licensing department were able to secure contractually after many months of work. We are aware that In Your Wildest Dreams is missing, but rest assured that a lot of time was spent trying to secure it, ultimately unsuccessfully. We will continue to attempt to licence it for a future project, but our researches in tape libraries around the globe (and with staff who worked at IRS at the time) have not so far managed to turn up a master for the track. Does anyone know of the existence of a master without the film’s sound effects on it?

Track List:

Disc 1 (The Singles I)
  • (We Want) The Same Thing (from Runaway Horses, 1989)
  • Heaven Is A Place On Earth (from Heaven on Earth, 1987)
  • Live Your Life Be Free (from Live Your Life Be Free, 1991)
  • Leave A Light On (from Runaway Horses, 1989)
  • I Get Weak (from Heaven on Earth, 1987)
  • I Plead Insanity (from Live Your Life Be Free, 1991)
  • Big Scary Animal (from Real, 1993)
  • Mad About You (from Belinda, 1986)
  • Always Breaking My Heart (from A Woman and a Man, 1996) 
  • Sun (from Icon: The Best of Belinda Carlisle, 2013)
  • I Still Love Him (single and bonus track from Voila, 2007)
  • Little Black Book (from Live Your Life Be Free, 1991)
  • Band Of Gold [featuring Freda Payne] (from Belinda, 1986)
  • World Without You (from Heaven on Earth, 1987)
  • Vision Of You [‘91 Mix] (from Runaway Horses, 1989)
  • Half The World (from Live Your Life Be Free, 1991)
Disc 2 (The Singles II)
  • Circle In The Sand (from Heaven on Earth, 1987)
  • In Too Deep (from A Woman and a Man, 1996) 
  • Summer Rain (from Runaway Horses, 1989)
  • Runaway Horses (from Runaway Horses, 1989)
  • Do You Feel Like I Feel (from Live Your Life Be Free, 1991)
  • All God’s Children (from A Place on Earth: The Greatest Hits, 1999)
  • I Feel The Magic (from Belinda, 1986)
  • I Feel Free (from Heaven on Earth, 1987)
  • Valentine (from Runaway Horses, 1989)
  • A Prayer For Everyone (from A Place on Earth: The Greatest Hits, 1999)
  • California (from A Woman and a Man, 1996) 
  • Lay Down Your Arms (from Real, 1993)
  • La Luna (from Runaway Horses, 1989)
  • Love In The Key Of C (from A Woman and a Man, 1996) 
  • Love Never Dies (from Heaven on Earth, 1987)
  • Goodbye Just Go (new song)
Disc 3
  • Rarities
    • Dancing In The City (from the Burglar soundtrack 1987)
    • Bless The Beasts And The Children (from the PETA compilation Tame Yourself 1991)
    • Christmas Lullaby (from the compilation Mother & Child 1995)
    • I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) (from the Hercules soundtrack 1997 )
    • Submission (from the compilation Essential Interpretations 1998)
  • Live in Tokyo 2013
    • Runaway Horses
    • I Get Weak
    • In Too Deep
    • California
    • Circle In The Sand
    • Vision Of You
    • La Luna
    • Summer Rain
    • Vacation
    • Our Lips Are Sealed
    • Leave A Light On
    • Heaven Is A Place On Earth
    • Emotional Highway
    • We Got The Beat
DVD 1 (The Videos)
  • Mad About You
  • I Feel The Magic
  • Heaven Is A Place On Earth
  • I Get Weak
  • Circle In The Sand
  • World Without You
  • I Feel Free
  • Love Never Dies
  • Leave A Light On
  • La Luna
  • Runaway Horses
  • Vision Of You
  • (We Want) The Same Thing
  • Summer Rain
  • Live Your Life Be Free
  • Do You Feel Like I Feel
  • Half The World
  • I Plead Insanity
  • Little Black Book
  • Big Scary Animal [UK Version]
  • Big Scary Animal [US Version]
  • Lay Down Your Arms
  • In Too Deep
  • Always Breaking My Heart
  • California
  • Love In The Key Of C
  • All God’s Children
  • Sun
  • BC on BBC-TV
    • Heaven Is A Place On Earth [Top Of The Pops]
    • I Get Weak [Wogan]
    • Leave A Light On [Top Of The Pops]
    • Runaway Horses [Wogan]
    • Interview with Philip Schofield [Going Live]
    • (We Want) The Same Thing [Top Of The Pops]
    • Live Your Life Be Free [Top Of The Pops]
    • Do You Feel Like I Feel [Top Of The Pops]
    • Interview with Caron Keating [Summer Scene]
    • Big Scary Animal [Top Of The Pops]
    • Lay Down Your Arms [Live & Kicking]
    • Interview with John Barrowman [Live & Kicking]
    • California [National Lottery]
  • Bonus Features
    • Place On Earth: Greatest Hits – EPK
    • Best Of Belinda – TV ad
    • Place On Earth: Greatest Hits – TV ad
    • Live Your Life Be Free – TV ad

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