Nile Rodgers and Paul Williams Accept Grammy For Album of the Year

For someone who writes daily about music and, specifically, the veteran artists of the last sixty years, tonight's Grammy Awards was a truly surreal experience.

It was great to see Ringo Starr sing Photograph but, really, what did it have to do with the year in music? The Grammys have always been about celebrating the music being honored that night and, although there was mention of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles coming to America, a solo Ringo song really wasn't very representative.

Now was Paul McCartney singing Queenie Eye from his album New. At least it qualified as a representative of the current year's music, but it would have been much more of an event if Paul and Ringo had broken out a Beatles classic to mark the anniversary.

On the other hand, it was great to see Chicago playing three of their hits with Robin Thicke before breaking into Thicke's nominated Blurred Lines.  The same goes for the mashup of Carole King's Beautiful from the Tapestry album and Sara Bareilles' Brave.

The truly surreal moment of the night, though, was the awarding Record of the Year to Daft Punk for Get Lucky and Album of the Year for Random Access Memories.  Daft Punk getting the awards were not the surprise, they were deserving, but the presence of the great Nile Rodgers during the acceptance of both awards and the acceptance speech by Paul Williams for the Album (in lieu of the helmeted Daft Punk making any statement) was proof that the truly great artists of the past are still part of the music industry.

Now, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Nile Rodgers has two more Grammys on his shelf. Do you think it's time you finally let him in?

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