Harvey Mandel Undergoes Fifth Surgery For Cancer

Photo: helpharveymandel.com
Innovative electric guitar virtuoso Harvey Mandel is fighting a rare form of cancer and could use some help.

Mandel, who has played with John Mayall, the Rolling Stones and Canned Heat, among others, began to notice a swelling in his nose after it was broken in 2011 but doctors told him it was a result of the accident. A series of personal tragedies, including the deaths of his son and mother, delayed his getting treatment for the break and, by the time he attended to the situation, the swelling had become much worse.

In mid-2013, Harvey returned to the doctor who was concerned about the course his nose had taken and advised him to see a specialist. After a series of tests and biopsies it was determined that Mandel had an invasive cancer inside of his nose.

After exhaustive research, Mandel found a world renowned doctor in Chicago that specializes in cancer of the nasal passages; however, he does not take insurance for his work so Harvey is being left with large bills in an effort to save his life.

Since December 7, Mandel has had five surgeries, the last of which was Wednesday.  The good news is the final operation was expected to remove the last of the cancer. The bad news is that Harvey still has a long road ahead of him as he goes through a series of further operations to rebuild his nose.

A special site has been started, helpharveymandel.com, where Harvey's family is hoping to raise $50,000 towards the bills.  Donations are being accepted in any amount to help the guitarist to beat this terrible disease.  

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