The Chieftains With Guest Ry Cooder to Offer Four Days of Immersion in Irish Music

The Chieftains will turn the Gideon Putnam Resort in Saratoga Springs, NY into the capitol of Irish music from July 7 to 11 with The Celtic Sessions.
Joining them for four days and nights of music and stories will be Ry Cooder, a long time friend of the band.  The band invites both experienced musicians and non-musicians to the event "to deeply experience the rich beauty of Irish music and soak up one of modern music’s most enduring and fascinating careers."

This once-in-a-lifetime experience grants fans unique and intimate access to a legendary world-music institution. Paddy Moloney and The Chieftains will offer master classes in traditional Irish music techniques and instruments, as well as conduct breakout sessions on songwriting and authentic Irish dance. There will be extensive Q&As where Paddy might discuss anything from the band’s stick-to-your-guns early days to teaching Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards a tricky traditional Irish rhythm. The musicians will also host private shows in which participants can actually jam with the band, and there will be a rare show with the Chieftains featuring Ry Cooder. The all-inclusive event will also include fine cuisine and a whiskey-tasting session.

“Paddy fits in everywhere he goes, and I do my level best to fit in with him when I get the opportunity,” says special guest Ry Cooder, known for applying an authentic feel and bold personal voice to myriad forms of roots music. “We’re the old-timers now, the ringmaster and the sad clown. We know a thing or two.” Cooder is sure to inspire some wonderfully freewheeling performances. In 2010 he collaborated with The Chieftains on the commercial and critical smash San Patricio. Paddy has said the concerts with Cooder were some of his favorite in the band’s half-century career.

Also on the bill are Alyth McCormack, Cara Butler, Deanie Richardson, Triona Marshall, Jeff White and Jon and Nathan Pilatzke.

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