Preview: Missing in Action - Missing Persons' First Studio Album in 28 Years

Artist: Missing Persons
Title: Missing in Action
Release Date: March 4, 2014
Label: Cleopatra Records
Format(s): CD, DD

It has been 28 years since the last studio album by Missing Persons even though, throughout the years, many the members have supported each other's solo efforts and have, on occasion, played together.

This time, though, the band's name and legacy will move forward with original vocalist Dale Bozzio along with a number of new members as they release their first album since 1986, Missing in Action, on March 4 via Cleopatra Records.

Billy Sherwood is producing the album which appears to have originally been a Bozzio solo project.  On September 16, Dale wrote that "I've got a new album coming out" but said about it "I think fans of my work with Missing Persons will really love."

More information should be available as the release date nears.

Note: We have been advised by the representatives of Warren Cuccurullo that he is not part of this album. We have updated the article to represent this new information.

Track List:
  • Do Or Die
  • Hello, Hello
  • Walk Into The Sun
  • Covert Operation
  • The More We Love
  • The Speed Of Light
  • All The Way
  • If I Gave You My Mind
  • Siren Song
  • Crisis In Overdrive
  • Walking In L.A. (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)
  • Hello, Hello (Radio Remix) (Bonus Track)

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