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Passings: Jack Reardon, Composer of "When" and "The Good Life"

Songwriter Jack Reardon, who was best known for writing the Kalin Twins' hit When and Tony Bennett's The Good Life, passed away on Wednesday.

Paul Evans, who had a national hit with Seven Little Girls (Sitting in the Back Seat), co-wrote When with Reardon and released the following statement:
To my Oldies friends,

My co-writer and friend, Jack Reardon, who co-authored our 1958 hit, "When", passed away yesterday.

Jack also wrote the lyrics for "The Good Life". Every major artist including Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles have covered the original hit by Tony Bennett.


The Kalin Twins, the original "When" recording artists, have also passed on to Rock 'n' Roll Heaven.

Jack's passing leaves it up to me to keep "When" on the public's minds.

Jack's death coincides with a new commercial use of "When". The song has just been chosen by a major UK furniture chain for its new ad campaign due to hit the air on December 22, 2013. I'm sorry that Jack died before he knew about this new use of our song.

I thought you'd like to know,

Paul (Evans)
Reardon and Evans published When in 1958 with the Kalin Twins taking the song to number 5.  It was later covered by the British group Showaddywaddy which took it to number 3 in the U.K.

The Good Life was co-written with Sacha Distel in 1962 and featured in the movie Seven Capital Sins. Bennett picked it up for his album I Wanna Be Around... in 1963 and released it as a single where it went to number 14 on the Hot 100 and 5 on the Adult Contemporary chart. He later rerecorded it on his Grammy Award winning MTV Unplugged: Tony Bennett and on Duets: An American Classic with Billy Joel. 

Reardon and Evans also wrote the number 22 hit I'm a Worried Guy for Johnny Tillotson.