Alice Cooper Gives 12th Annual Children's Christmas Party at His Cooperstown Restaurant

by Paul Cashmere

Alice Cooper opened up his Phoenix restaurant Cooperstown for the 12th annual Christmas party this week.

After 12 years Alice says “I’ve seen so many of these kids grow up right in front of me here.”

Alice Cooper has been a resident of Phoenix, Arizona all of his life. “I grew up in Phoenix,” he told Fox News reporter Troy Hayden. “I went to elementary school, high school and college here. I watched his go from 500,000 to 5 million. How can you not take care of these kids?”

Alice has toured the world year in year out and says, “You realise that kids are all alike everywhere in the world. They love the idea of Christmas, music and everybody dressed up silly and it’s the one day that they could get anything they want.”

He summarized his job as “I am lucky to be in this position”.

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