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Journey's Neal Schon and Fiance Michaele Salahi Turn Wedding Into Pay-Per-View Event

We've had numerous weddings filmed to be presented as television specials but this is the first time one has been presented live as a pay-per-view event.

On December 15, Journey guitarist Neal Schon will marry former Real Housewife of D.C. star Michaele Salahi in what is being called the Winter Wonderland Wedding and Music Event. The wedding and show will be held at San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts, the first time such an event has taken place at the venue.

Schon has lived in San Francisco since the age of 10 and knew he wanted the location for his wedding. "We searched the world for the perfect location, and finally I said to Michaele, 'San Francisco is my home. Now it is our home. I want to be married there, in the most beautiful city in the world, to the woman of my dreams.' Everyone said they wouldn't let us have the wedding there, but when our wedding planner took my passionate plea to the management, they said yes. We couldn't be more happy!"

Schon and Salahi decided to produce their own event instead of letting a network take control and push things in a direction they didn't want. Schon said "Everyone at the networks wanted to put their own creative spin on the event. Michaele and I discussed it, and we decided to hire a great crew and do the whole thing ourselves because this is really our day. What's surprising is that no one had ever thought to do anything like this before we did."

A part of the proceeds from the event will go to typhoon relief in the Philippines. Journey, who has already contributed $350,000 to the relief effort, will also be appearing at the event along with additional special guests.

Neal & Michaele: The Winter Wonderland Wedding and Music Event will be hosted by Emmy nominee Debbie Matenopoulos, Emmy nominee Cameron Mathison, and veteran music, entertainment, and sporting event host Karyn Bryant, and executive produced by Neal Schon, Brian Ricco, and Peter Capozzi. It will be broadcast live in HD on Pay-Per-View Sunday, December 15 at 8:00 PM ET/5:00 PM PT. The event will be available via cable and satellite in 90 million homes.


Anonymous said…
BARF! She is a bad influence on you Neil. Get out now, while you still can. That gold digger has her sights set on your Journey catalog royalties.
Anonymous said…
She has to get in line behind all his OTHER ex-wives before she gets her hands on his royalties. LOL
This whole thing is a total joke. Neal just stick to music.
Anonymous said…
A Pay-per-view wedding!? How tacky! Suppose they had to bring Journey into it, so at least some people might actually want to watch this joke.
This will rate right up there with the "Tiny Tim & Miss Vicki" televised wedding.
Anonymous said…
The "everyone said we couldn't have the wedding there" is complete BS. Google Palace of Fine Arts to see that they are available to host weddings venues for a fee. This is totally made up to look important. What a crock!
Anonymous said…
"Protected air space"! Protected from what? These are not A or even B-list celebrities. These two are either lying to themselves, or trying to convince the public that they are very important people. They're not. Nobody cares about this farce.
Anonymous said…
It'd be funny if her tacky ex-husband crashed her tacky wedding just like they crashed the White House dinner just a few years ago. That's how they became "famous."

I'd pay to watch the resulting fracas.