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Emmylou Harris Pleads No Contest in Hit-and-Run Arrest

Country legend Emmylou Harris has pled no contest in her Los Angeles hit-and-run arrest.

On October 1, 2012, Harris was driving a rental car on the 405 freeway in L.A. when she bumped into a car and then drove off without stopping to exchange information. At the time of the original report, Harris' attorney said that it was a "minor traffic accident" and that Harris "unintentionally rubbed bumpers with another vehicle."  Harris' reps also said that she didn't even realize that the accident had occurred.

Harris was charged with a misdemeanor with a possible sentence of six months in jail; however, TMZ reports that she was able to strike a deal with prosecutors to plead no contest to the lesser charge of failing to provide information at the scene of an accident in exchange for having to pay the other driver $5,000 in compensation.