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Cowsills Brother Suffering From Lung Cancer

Bob, Barry, Paul, Richard, Susan, John
Photo by Randy Bellous
The one member of the Cowsills family that worked behind the scenes, Bob's twin brother Richard Cowsill, is suffering from Stage 3 lung cancer.

The announcement came on the Cowsill's official site:
Some sad news was received when our brother Richard let us know he had developed Stage 3 lung cancer a number of weeks ago. He was having trouble breathing and went to the hospital and they discovered a 4cm mass in the middle of his chest. He is currently undergoing radiation therapy and chemotherapy on a daily and weekly basis.

Richard is a fighter. He has beaten and overcome everything he’s ever been hit with and we fully expect him to overcome this as does Richard himself. He had one day he called “Disappearance Day” … a day he spent fully expecting this thing to disappear. This is his great attitude at work and he is up to the challenge and taking this on …. but he is up against it.

This is where the rest of us come in as we ask for prayers for our brother because we believe that prayer, especially prayer for a cause by many, is a real powerful thing and between all of our prayers and Richard’s own amazing attitude as he takes this on we feel Richard will win this one and come out on top.
Richard and Bob were the second oldest of the Cowsills family and, while Bob was part of the performing group, Richard stayed in the background working as the stage manager.

In a 2013 interview with the Albuquerque Journal, Richard said that his exclusion from the band wasn't due to lack of musical talent, but because he didn't get along with his demanding father who guided the band's career. "My father and I never got along. Since I was a child, we never reached agreements. While the others would perform, I would be in the background setting up their instruments."

Richard finally left the group at 18 for three tours in Viet Nam. He has only performed with the group once, although he does do solo shows.


Anonymous said…
Tom? I hope you meant to write,"Bob".
Paula gaines said…
never give up the fight-I am a 5 year lung cancer survivor!!!