Anthony Kiedis to Assist Madonna in Selecting Art For Freedom Grant Winners

by Paul Cashmere

Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis has joined Madonna to curare the first of the Art For Freedom grants programs.

Madonna is offering a global grants program to fuel free speech and address and respond to persecution around the world with Art For Freedom. On September 24 she invited artists around the world to submit their work as video, music, poetry or photography expressing the meaning of freedom and revolution.

“I want to help give a creative voice to those who have been silenced and denied their human rights,” Madonna said in a statement. “Art for Freedom is a platform that gives artists a chance to define freedom through their art. We have already received many incredible submissions. I am inviting all people to express their thoughts on the subject of freedom whether it’s describing specific persecution they have experienced, sharing how their rights have been violated and / or sharing their ideas creatively regarding fighting injustice”.

Over 1000 submissions were received in the first 48 hours of the announcement of the project.

Anthony Kiedis will assist Madonna in selecting the first winner.

Entries can be submitted at

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