Paul McCartney Issues Statement on the Passing of His Friend David Frost

Paul McCartney and David Frost had a long history together both personally and professionally. Frost interviewed McCartney on numerous occasions going back as far as 1964 up through a recent talk for Al Jazeera.

Frost died on August 31 while traveling on a cruise ship where he was scheduled to talk.

McCartney's statement:
"I was very sad to hear that my good friend David Frost passed away recently. I have known David for many years.

"We first met when he was doing a stand up comedy routine in the London night club Quaglinos. I also went to see him at The Blue Angel in London and we bumped into each other at many social events during the ‘Swinging 60s’.

"He interviewed me several times, most recently for the Al Jazeera Network. He was always a most interesting interviewer and, as history has proven, had many famous encounters such as the Frost / Nixon series of interviews.

"On a personal level I send my deepest sympathies to his lovely wife Carina and their three sons Miles, Wilfred and George, who I first remember when they came downstairs during a party to say good night wearing rather stunning striped pyjamas!

"He will be missed by many friends and I am proud to be able to say I was one of them."

Paul McCartney, September 2013
Here is the 1964 interview, the first time that Frost talked to Paul and the first time that McCartney was interviewed without at least one of the other Beatles.

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Anonymous said...

The recent hour-long Al Jazeera interview was a nice ending to a buoyant, occasional double act and it was very moving how Sir David reacted to a personal play of 'Lady Madonna' tagged onto what was a promotional rendition by McCartney.

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