Illinois Governor Names September 21 George Harrison Day

September 21 will be George Harrison Day in the state of Illinois as proclaimed by governor Pat Quinn.

Fifty years ago, Harrison stayed in Benton, IL for two weeks just as Beatlemania was taking hold in the U.K. In anticipation of their U.S. debut, the Beatles each took separate vacations with George choosing the U.S. During his vacation travels, he came to southern Illinois to visit his sister, Louise Harrison Caldwell.

Quinn said of the celebration "Many icons through history have Illinois connections, and we are recognizing one more with this proclamation. George Harrison helped define a generation, and we encourage visitors to follow his footsteps throughout Southern Illinois."

Part of the festivities on the 21st is the unveiling of a historical marker in the southern Illinois town declaring him "the first Beatle in America." The marker will also describe other activities in which Harrison participated during his stay.

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